View Full Version : Novel use of electronic switch

10th July 2011, 05:11 PM
Thought it would be nifty using a spdt wallswitch to control my overhead bedroom fan so for instance midpos is off, up is fan and down is light. When I needed both—a rare requirement-- I'd simply pull the corresponding chain on the fan itself

No. 1 Son had kindly offered to do the job using a remote as as provided for our Intelliflow pool controller but I declined as too easily misplaced or lost in my cluttered boudoir

So I had envisioned adding a wire in the conduit leading from switch to fan. However this would surely entail crawling around in the attic amid the asbestos and so hoped there might be a better way that would require neither the wire nor a new toggle: I suppose there might well be available a sequencing electronic switch I could install in the fan. It would have three terminals, a power input and two outputs: First application activates one output; second the other; third, both

Can anyone confirm there is such a gadget and if so what's it called

Thanks fellas