View Full Version : Photo: Prince Williams' Wife Exposes Her Royal Buttocks

The Informer
9th July 2011, 06:47 PM

We see London, we see France, we ALMOST saw the Duchess’ underpants! Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has spent the Royal Tour looking so prim and proper in modest dresses — but the refined Kate found herself in an awkward position when her pretty yellow Jenny Packham dress blew up on July 7 when she arrived in Calgary — she was merely an inch away from exposing her Royal backside for all the world to see!

Luckily, with the ruffles Kate managed to avoid a very embarrassing instance — but whatever she’s wearing under her dress is definitely tiny! Although she managed to avoid baring her backside, she did expose her very thin thighs — it looks like Kate definitely wants to maintain her svelte frame!

Source: the sun