View Full Version : Driver gets parking fine while stuck in traffic jam

8th July 2011, 07:00 PM
To pick up a parking fine, you'd assume the offending vehicle would actually have to be parked.

Christopher Barham, from Essex, found out differently when he was fined £110 even though his car was stuck in a traffic jam.

His car was stuck in gridlock outside Gidea Park station in Romford, Essex. With the traffic going nowhere, his son got out to go to the station.

Days later he was sent the fine, along with a CCTV photo taken from a council camera. The picture clearly showed moving traffic in front of Mr Barnham's car.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Mr. Barnham said: “It's entrapment. It is laughable that a passenger can't get out of the car in stationary traffic.

“It was clear from the picture that there was a line of traffic in front of me, like there is there every morning.

“It is always stop-start traffic on that road and from the picture you can make out that the cars in front have their brake lights on.

“As far as I'm concerned I was prepared to go to prison instead of paying it.”

Luckily for Mr Barnham, Havering Council reviewed the incident and cancelled the penalty instead.