View Full Version : The Tale Of A Quisling

8th July 2011, 05:40 AM

Our political milieu reeks of insincerity, with dishonest characters hopping from radio station to the other pontificating morals.

These characters are taking advantage of the times when noise-making and trading of insults are the best ways to attract the attention and favours of government.

With President John Evans Atta Mills hard-pushed for such smelly interventions, cheap personalities ready to throw their credibility to the wind will always find a way of endearing themselves to his bosom.

Having served those in power before the incumbent President, they find nothing wrong with singing hosanna for him and seeking to run down those on whose payroll they were earlier. If only President Mills could understand the man he is dining with, he would be cautious because the relationship will end as soon as he leaves office. That is his quality.

Political prostitution is another nomenclature for the foregone and our hearts bleed at the frequency of the trend in a system we seek to showcase as the pride of African politics. Are we any near this dream? Are we looking at a Utopian situation, unattainable?

One of such characters, Owula Mangotey, has been active lately in this regard. A few weeks ago, he messed himself up when he attempted subjecting the NPP’s 2012 flag bearer to an unjustifiable attack.

We are referring to the guy’s miscomprehension of the word decibel and in an attempt to play mischief, he misconstrued it for Jezebel and fell down flat on his face. He dug a pit, expecting to push the flag-bearer into it and in the event, he fell into it face down, bruised totally.

He has not learnt his lessons and would never learn since he does not possess a shame-box. Persons in this category are dangerous and would always foul the political milieu if they are not exposed for their worth.

His about-turn posture to the man he benefitted from is one of the attributes of a political culture in which insincere characters like him abound.

As a man who served former Vice President Aliu Mahama as a key radio station interventionist, drawing his source of livelihood by so doing, we can only label him as a moral fraudster whose conduct is unworthy of emulation by our youth.

Shuttling between the Office of the former Vice President, surreptitiously, and that of Nana Akufo Addo, the gentleman pretended to be serving the interest of each of the gentlemen.

Indeed, but for the maturity exhibited by the two dignitaries aforementioned, the relationship between them could have suffered a setback. The mark of maturity of a political figure, among others, is their ability to manage such quislings in a manner as to avoid confrontations with others.

Enter a President Mills administration and the gentleman changes his colours, the political chameleon that he is. We have information about how when he was on the payroll of former Vice President Aliu Mahama, serving in his PR team, he made an unsavoury remark about his boss, unknowing to him someone had heard him.

Owula Mangotey has no moral right discussing political morality when his smelly baggage spanning the time when he served former Vice President Aliu Mahama to his newfound dealing with President Mills, is not a hidden fact among those conversant with our recent political history.

We must clean our politics by exposing such characters who would do everything including trading their dignity for a few cedis. Politics of destruction and opportunism is not the option for us today but selfless and sincere love for Mother Ghana.

We owe it a sacred duty to expose people with questionable reputations like this character so that they are robbed of attention when they begin making pontifications on the airwaves.

The time to begin this cleansing exercise is now and the man under the guillotine should be Owula Mangotey. If former Vice President Aliu Mahama and Nana Akufo Addo were willing to speak out what they know about this man, many would be held spellbound.

Source: Daily Guide