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2nd July 2011, 12:00 PM
I was going to respond to the article below and ask some serious questions as to where is the link and where should we draw the line when it comes to ordinary ---- job like that of Confidence Haugen and those that are done for Breast cancer purposes.

I do not see any sort of link between Confidence Haugen going out there to seek for glamorous ----- by inserting some silicon into her breast and the medically recommended surgery for breast cancer.

However, I think probably Confidence Haugen and her ignorant team think the two are identical or they think they can turn Confidence’s seek for self fulfillment ---- job into a positive one that society will encourage by bring it close to breast cancer ones.

If you ask me, I think what Confidence Haugen said below is not only a showcase of her ignorance but also a total disrespect for poor victims of breast cancer.

If we need a breast cancer advocate in Ghana, does Confidence Haugen think her fake ----- will bring her close to becoming an ambassador for such a good cause?

The Article…

Aphrodisiac Nite Club owner, Confidence Haugen has said she is ready to lend support to women who are battling breast cancer with plastic surgery. This she believes will make them feel “whole”.

Speaking on Multi TV’s PM EXPRESS programme, Confidence explained that she underwent plastic surgery in the year 2000 to have her breasts enlarged because she did not feel “whole” with her breasts at the time which she referred to as “little fellows”.

“I used to have very little ‘underchester’ and my self esteem was really down and I noticed it when I did Miss Ghana. I was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t fit into those sexy clothes without putting on this bra aid. I didn’t feel whole” she told show host Nii Arday Clegg.

“I remember somebody gave an advice saying ‘you know you’re a pretty girl and it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or whatever comes out of your mouth or the kind of business you are in, people are just gonna look at you because you’re pretty. So just walk into the door with what they want to see and hit them with your intelligence’ and that’s what I did and it worked” she recounted.

Having had her breast implants 11 years ago, Confidence believes women who have survived the scourge of breast cancer should not walk about with just one breast or none at all depending on the outcome of their surgery. She is hopeful if survivors agree to have a plastic surgery as she has had, they would feel more comfortable.

“I hope this doesn’t come off badly, but it’s like a male having some part of his organ off, -----, that’s part of womanhood. Imagine when you don’t have one because of a disease” she said.

According to her, she is going to take up the task of supporting breast cancer patients with plastic surgery through her charity called “Project Smile” which currently focuses on children with birth deformities like cleft.

“I love plastic surgery and there’s a lot of good that plastic surgery can do in Ghana … I do have a charity called project smile and what we do is we do plastic surgery for deformities from birth because I believe kids do heal properly and have a better life but now we’re going to add breast cancer to it because they’re all plastic surgery anyway. I want to put a smile on people’s faces” she said.

Confidence says she is comfortable with her plastic surgery for now but would not hesitate to go for another surgery if need be. Although she would not say how many surgeries she has already had, she pointed out that the breast implant is the only plastic surgery she has ever had.

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Fashion Yaa
3rd July 2011, 12:22 AM
im at a loss for words. part of me supports what Project Smile is doing but part of me feels she should not talk on issues she has not personally delt with, but then again this can at least bring awareness....I'd rather hear from a breast cancer survivor on how they deal with body image cause Im quite sure not all survivors have low self esteem due to one breast or non at all, I think it is these women that ought to be celebrated and heard from because why raise hopes of women who may not be approved for a Project Smile ---- job gosh