View Full Version : Yvonne Nelson Turns Musician?

2nd July 2011, 11:59 AM
This might sound comical but according to Hi Newspaper, actresses Yvonne Nelson who is currently serving a year ban for her gross arrogant and behaviour disorder has gone in hard as a Rapper on Trigmatic’s upcoming album ‘Solution’.I cannot think of how the verse, rhythm and flow will go but this is a track I am dying to listen…

According to Hi-Newspaper, Trigmatic confirmed this by saying “Yvonne and me had been friends since we met in Martin de Porres School at Dansoman. We used to rap together. After basic school she continued to Aggrey Memorial Secondary in Cape Coast, where I gather, she moved on with her ‘tomboy’ stuff. ‘Tomboy’ because one hardly saw lot of girls listening to rap music let alone rapped in those early times of hip hop invasion of our industry.

My source cousin who knows Yvonne Nelson quite well from Aggrey Memorial Secondary just told me that, ” yeah Chris, Yvonne Nelson used to rock the stage when we were in secondary school and she was pretty good with her music stuff, so you never got to see her on stage those days?” HELL No!

I was in Adisadel College, Cape Coast around the same time Yvonne Nelson was in Aggrey Memorial Secondary School doing her rap thing, even though I remember making countless event trips and seeing some few tomboy lady rappers from Ghana National and Aggrey Memorial Secondary, I do not think I ever saw Yvonne Nelson on any cross-secondary school stage event.

I guess until the Yvonne Nelson rap track drops on our radio waves (When it does, I will scrap a copy for you guys), we have to just keep the imagination going- Yvonne Nelson the new rap chick in town!