View Full Version : Sampa Community Educational Project: Using Culture to Enrich Education

Fashion Yaa
2nd July 2011, 09:53 AM
To be moderator of this forum means I have the responsibility of getting word out there about the make up of our culture, its artistry and progress. Which is why I have chosen various slants to present to you all, case in point an organization started by a group of friends, Sampa Community Educational Project. http://www.myscep.org/index.html
Mr.& Mrs. Thaddeus Mensah, Mr. Marvin Boateng, Mr. Francis "Dj Dadiako I" Appiah are the few notable Board members I have close ties with in that they are former university friends of mine. It comes as no surprise that these friends have formed such a potent non-profit agency because while at the university they were the movers and shakers of the small African student community there. They made it cool to be an African living abroad and encouraged the unity of its peoples, they found unique ways to raise funds for special causes like ending the Congolese war, bringing voice to the voiceless in the Sudanese conflict by hosting fashion shows, comedy featuring funnyman of Ghanaian decent Michael Blackson plus many others that is a laudable list too long to get into.
If you know of anyone that is clamoring to get involved in a project in Ghana, show them to this link of Sampa Community Educational Project. I personally know the money goes straight to this much deserved Brong Ahafo community. The thousands of dollars raised so far has gone to improving the conditions of schools seating/desktops, after school programs like music education and computer education, cutting the sod for the creation of a new educational facility. We as Ghanaians know of the need in Brong Ahafo region, it is fact that education is the medication that can curve the tide of it situation. When I was living in Ghana the scarceness of resources was a particular issue one that found its able bodied youth constantly leaving for greener pastures in the big cities and dangerous journeys to The Gambia enroute to Europe by boat. The blessing in the form of Sampa Community Educational Project is their way of involving the community of Sampa Buni to reach the youth. If you would like to donate your time, resources or finances to this worthwile project follow the link below http://www.myscep.org/get.html