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28th June 2011, 07:34 PM
YEARS OF torment for women living at Apitiso, Dokyiwa, Binsere and Apitikooko, all farming communities near Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, are over, following the arrest of a man who subjected them to a rein of sexual terror in the bush.

Kwaku Mensah alias B. Kwaku, 22, used violence to ensure compliance by holding his victims hostage at knife-point, after dragging them into the bush where he forcibly raped and abused them till he achieved satisfaction.

He began his catalogue of sexual abuses of women in the area last year and continued till June this year when he was arrested.

The ex-convict, during the period, subjected each of his victims to repeated sexual abuse, including rape. One of such depraved actions of the suspect turned bloody on the afternoon of Sunday, June 12, 2011, when he inflicted multiple cutlass wounds on 42-year-old Yaa Anane from Apitikooko, who struggled with him.

The victim, who is receiving medical treatment at the Obuasi Government Hospital, was returning home from her farm at Yafodumasi near Apitikooko at around 2:30 pm when the suspect emerged from the bush and engaged her in a conversation. After walking a distance, according to the police, Kwaku Mensah hit the woman’s chest, sending her to the ground, and snatched her mobile phone and cutlass in the process.

Daily Guide gathered that the suspect then held both of Yaa Anane’s hands and dragged her to the bush, amidst a fierce struggle and attempted to rape her, but she resisted. Angered by the fierce struggle, Kwaku gave her multiple slashes and managed to overpower the victim, after dragging her again to an orange farm which is on the roadside.

The victim raised an alarm and the suspect, upon sensing danger, ran into the bush when two witnesses, Shadrack Brenya and Charles Fosu, emerged at the scene and rescued her.
Charles, who was manning a motorcycle, rushed the victim to the hospital after informing members of the victim’s family of the incident.

Before this incident, the police had been hunting the suspect for allegedly raping Akosua Iddrisu, a pregnant woman resident at Binsere.

The victim was on her way to her boyfriend’s house at Dokyiwa, a nearby village, when the ‘sex terror’ emerged from the bush around 10:00 pm on March 30 this year.

According to the police, the suspect held Akosua Iddrisu and dragged her into the bush where he violently raped her, despite telling him she was pregnant. He also took away the victim’s LG mobile phone valued at GH¢40 and a torch light.

Kwaku pretended to be insane when he appeared before an Obuasi Circuit Court yesterday, compelling the judge to adjourn his case for him to be subjected to medical examination to determine his state of mind. Hundreds of women from the four communities who thronged the courtroom got disappointed by the suspect’s action, murmuring that the behaviour of the suspect was his modus operandi to outwit law enforcement officers.

Source: d-guide