View Full Version : Miss P Worried As Millicent Meets Alex

The Informer
27th June 2011, 09:14 PM
Miss P has already given up on Alex and in fact reminded Alex of Millicent's presence.

Millicent and Alex had started on a good note before the main house became the Heads in which Big Brother sent some housemates to the Tails.

The glove that Millicent picked sent her to the Heads house as Alex went to the Tails house. This has always been Miss P's fear and indeed it came to pass that Millicent from Kenya was the second last housemate and thus had to end up in the Tails house.

The girls have kind of noticed this and in a way they have all teamed up and are making life very difficult for Alex, they've hidden his alcohol.

Felicia from Malawi was evicted and whole on stage she was asked who her favorite housemate was, she said it was Millicent and her worst was Vina who meanwhile put her on the chopping board and in the end faced Africa.