View Full Version : "Homosexuals Compete With Babies For Diapers"

The Informer
27th June 2011, 08:14 PM

The argument against homosexuality has taken a new twist with the superintendent minister for the Wa Methodist Church of Ghana insinuating that homosexual men compete with babies for diapers.

At an induction ceremony, the Very Rev. Samuel. C. Hagan, claimed diapers are in short supply owing to the “evil” activities of gay men.

His utterances follow weeks of heated debate over the rights or wrongs of the practice of homosexuality in the country. Human rights advocates have called for the rights of lesbians and homosexuals to be respected.

But critics, particularly religious leaders, have been quick to revolt. The Very Reverend Samuel Hagan minced no words in condemning the activities of gay men.

In a report filed Joy News,Samuel Hagan criticized pastors who he said presided over gay marriages.

He commended human rights advocates for championing the respect for the rights of the vulnerable in society but admonished them against championing the rights of homosexuals. “Your rights of freedom to pursue freedom for others are good but don’t use freedom as a covering for evil.”

“Now there are many men who are struggling with babies for the demand of pampers,” he noted. “I challenge all religious bodies to come out clear and state their positions since the menace of homosexuality is consuming the society like a bush fire,’ he stated.

Source: Joy News