View Full Version : VIDE0: BigBrother- Alex And Angola's Weza Kiss

26th June 2011, 02:20 PM
Alex was the star of the night during a game of Truth or Dare and earned himself a nice long kiss from Weza.

As if that was not enough, Kim gave him a lap dance and he had already received a few pecks from Karen.

After Karen joked around giving Alex baby kisses all over his face, Weza took the game to another level much to the amusement of the Tailsmates. Well, this kiss didn't go down well with Miss P but it she pretended as though she was cool with it but her dirty look spoke volumes.

Luckily, Luclay wasn't in the vicinity but it's just a matter of time before he hears the news and it will be interesting to see how he receives it.

The thing is, he and Weza are keeping their connection under wraps and none of the Tailsmates have been let in on their little kissing secret.

Does Africa think Luclay will understand that Alex and Weza's kiss was just a game?