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26th June 2011, 02:19 PM
THE woman who cared for Michael Jackson's three heartbroken kids after his fatal drug overdose has revealed her deep fears for their futures.

Alejandra Jackson was at the heart of the world's most famous family for 20 years.

And on the second anniversary of the King of Pop's death, she has decided to speak out about how her niece and nephews will end up being raised by "security guards and nannies".

The 41-year-old has five children with two Jackson brothers and has lived in the family compound in Encino, California, for two decades.

She became a mother figure to Jacko's kids Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, nine, when they moved in with the family after their father's tragic death.

She said: "I love Michael's children with all my heart. I was with those children 24 hours a day.

"I treated Michael's kids the same way I treated my own children. If I would kiss one of them, I would kiss them all."

Alejandra started dating Randy Jackson, now 40, when she was 17. In 1989 they had a daughter, Genevieve, 21, but split before their son - Randy Jr, 19 - was born.Then, in March 1995, she secretly married Randy's older brother Jermaine. They had two children - Jaafar, 14, and Jermajesty, ten - as well as an adopted son, Donte, 19. The couple divorced in 2008 but Alejandra remained at the Jackson home, where she helped to raise Michael's kids.She was eventually forced out of the mansion in April over a row with Jermaine about child support payments, leaving Prince, Paris and Blanket to be cared for by their 81-year-old grandmother, Katherine.

Now free from the family's grip, Alejandra said: "I worry about the kids' future. Mrs Jackson has the nannies and the security guards to help look after them, but those kids need more.

"They need love. There is a difference between nannies and family.

"If something was to happen to Katherine, I don't know who would look after Michael's kids."

Alejandra insists that, despite his many problems, Jacko - who died two years ago today, aged 50 - was a great dad. And she was full of praise for the pop icon's kids as she gave a fascinating insight into their personalities.

She said: "Blanket is shy around everyone, except his family. But he is a very good actor and when he acts, he really comes out of his shell. He is also a great storyteller. He can talk for hours. It is amazing to see how much he gets into the tale and how creative he is.

"Blanket also loves everything about Star Wars and is really into dressing up as a Jedi Knight.

"Prince is tough and very intelligent. He is so knowledgeable about things and can talk to you about almost anything."He loves watching the History Channel and Discovery Channel. And he loves to direct. He makes home movies with the other kids and likes to take charge.

"I call Paris my Sweet Princess. She is such a girly girl. She loves doing girly things like painting nails. But she is also very outspoken. She is passionate about acting and has wanted to be an actress ever since she was little."Jacko's doctor Conrad Murray, 58, will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in September. He is accused of killing the singer at his LA home with a fatal dose of sedative. Murray denies the charge.

During a pre-trial hearing in January one of Michael's bodyguards told how Prince and Paris watched the doctor's frantic attempts to save Jacko as he laid dying on his bed.Paris sobbed on the floor until she was carried from the room. Alejandra says the kids have dealt with their grief in different ways.She said: "I saw Paris crying the day he died. She went upstairs to a bedroom and cried all by herself.

"I have never seen Prince cry over his father. I think he keeps it all inside."Blanket cries over different things, like a child does - over a toy he has lost or something - and it is only in the middle of the crying that he says, 'I miss my dad'.

"He was their best friend. His passing took away the person they loved the most. They miss him very much. We would sit down with all the children and talk about him. Michael's kids love talking about the lyrics in his songs and what they meant to them.

"We would always play Michael's music in the house. They would go to sleep with the same classical music he used to play to them at Neverland. In many ways, it was like Michael had never left.

"I think it is only this year, now that things have calmed down, that the family is finally coming to terms with Michael's death."


The identity of all the children's biological parents is still a mystery. Debbie Rowe, 52, is the mother of Paris and Prince but their biological father is uncertain. Blanket's mum was reportedly a surrogate impregnated by Michael, right, through artificial insemination.

Alejandra said: "As far as the kids know, Michael was their dad and that is it. I don't know who Blanket's mother is. I do not think he will ever know."

Alejandra's experience with the Jackson clan seems more sensational than any soap opera and she is now desperately trying to build a life away from the famous family.

But she will never forget Prince, Paris and Blanket.

She said: "I still think about the children - they are still my family."

Source: thesun.co.uk