View Full Version : I Am Tired of Playing Wicked Roles- Ziggy

17th June 2011, 06:30 AM
Emmanuel Don Ziggy Netus, known in the creative industry as Don Ziggy, one of the pioneer actors in the country who is known for his wicked roles in movies has been off the screens for some years now.

Don Ziggy, who has starred in movies as Welcome home, a Ghanaian and European movie, Trinity, Beyounce, among others alongside Majid Michel, Nadia Buari, will soon be seen in another thrilling movie from the Ego Emotion Pictures Production titled Tribe.

He revealed that the more frequent you get seen on the screen, the more viewers get fed up with you and so “I took some time off the screen to learn props and set designing which I think we are not good at in the industry because most of the foreign movies we watch have very unique props and set designs” during a visit to his hide out.

He noted that although the movie industry has improved by 75%, he is hoping to hit the screen soon but away from his usual wicked stuffs that he is known for in the industry with good props and quality set designs to add up to the improvement.

Don Ziggy further noted that he started his career as an actor in theatre likewise many movie gurus in the industry but now everybody seems to have lost interest going through the best procedures of becoming a professional actor or actress. He added to go far in this profession, one needs to study hard so that when names of artistic and versatile performers are being mentioned, your name too may be seen as a unique performer on the screen even when you are no more.

He advised that there was the need for togetherness in the industry so that the up-and-coming actors who don’t know will learn as there is no need in rushing for stardom. “If you don’t take time to learn and do something extra-ordinary to sail through the heart of your viewers, no one, not even within 100msq from your house will recognize you for your hard works and contribution to the industry” he said.

According to Don Ziggy, lots of movie producers have been chasing him with scripts on same old roles which he has decided to refrain from, to the extent that one of the producers whom he decided not to mention the name emotively told him no one can take up the role he is known for but tells them I want to be seen on the screen with a new image.”

He mentioned some of his challenges in those days to be such non-speaking roles as a bodyguard where he had to use his discretion to exhibit an excellent character especially the walking movements. “As an actor, it is your responsibility to possibly act exactly what is in the script and with certainty I will be back soon” he told Flex newspaper.

Source: Flex