View Full Version : Okyeame Kwame Shows Maturity As He Tackles The Quophi-Kwame Saga

14th August 2010, 01:26 AM
Okyeame Kwame Shows Maturity As He Tackles The Quophi-Kwame Saga + How On Earth Can Someone Know That His Best Friend Impregnated His Wife In His House…

Naturally, when people are stressed up or angry, they are most likely to blame the people near them in order to get ease their resentment.

Many have been wondering why Okyeame Quophi in an attempt to react to certain publications fired up unnecessary missils. To some of us, it is very clear why he is still talking and every statement he makes is like a clue to unmask the real picture

Okyeame Quophi said “my decision not release records after ‘Quophilosophy’ was basically to allow my brother to have his shine since it looked like he was too hungry for it and anything from me would be destruction”. This is a blatant lie since he is already nursing an upcoming album and wants to use Okyeame Kwame to promote the album like Obrafour did with ‘Kaseibo’ which eventually won him an award at the Ghana Music Awards 2010.

If Quophi is not bitter, do you think he will make a statement like this? “… If I am not miscalculating, he even impregnated his wife in my house. During his acceptance speech at Ghana Music Awards, who did he thank for allowing him stay in his house? Was it not KOD?”

How can one determine whether a friend impregnated his wife in his house or not? Is this a case of come ‘come-watch-me-impregnate-her’?

Kwame has refused to exchange words with him even though Quophi is still throwing tantrums. Little investigation and team chit-chat from the camp of GhanaCelebrities.com came out that Quophi is more bitter because Kwame refused two music videos from Emklan. The latter paid the former to direct two music videos for him and after, he realized the videos were too ‘whack’ bad.

The recent outburst by Okyeame Quophi towards Okyeame Kwame has been weighed in by a number of fans of hiplife in the Ghanaian music industry as ’highly disturbing’ news.

Finally Okyeame Quophi has been able get off of his chest regarding the break up of Akyeame. But Okyeame Kwame who has shrugged off songs by Obrafour, Shatta Rako and others.
Okyeame Quophi aiming at him, has given Ghana Music.com an exclusive of what he thinks of Okyeame Quophi’s recent pronouncement.

The first question every media house or fan of Akyeame will ask is, why is Okyeame Quophi making such comments now?

“First of all, I think Okyeame Quophi loves me and has not seen or heard of me in a while. He knows there is a conflict between us and we have been slow about solving it but I know he loves me as a brother”, he said.

“By what he said on Rundown show with Yaw Sakyi as to why he is saying this after six years, I don’t really know. The comments were rather private. As friends and brothers, some of the things were not right. I have contacted his senior brother who is a counselor and senior priest in the Methodist church. He has been a mentor to us, given us money and more and he will be taking up the issue to solve it, Kwame continued.

The group’s chemistry has been intact according to Okyeame Kwame, despite the long break. “We have recorded some songs for a reunion album, I have paid Quophi to shoot a music video for a song on my album and more, he said.

Following the release of two publications on GhanaCelebrities.com and Ameyawdebrah.com, Okyeame Kwame further more said that “we have known each other over 17 years now. We have been true hard times which were blissful and creative moments. If there was anything between us, it was supposed to come me first. There is nothing that anyone will do and Quophi will say that will make me lose my temper over this issue”.

Okyeame Kwame ended by adding that: “Am pleading with my fans to stop commenting on the whole issue but we will amicably solve it soon. Being friends for so long if we didn’t fault each other it would be an unreal situation. However it is our ability to forgive that shows the God in us”.