View Full Version : Media Rights War!: OMP, Jakod In Tango Over League

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
12th August 2010, 09:09 AM
A tough tussle, particularly for the media rights for the telecast of the local premier league, appears to be looming as more interest is being shown in that business.

A sports media management and syndication firm, Jakod Konsult, has put in a bid for the exclusive rights to the Glo Premier in addition to wanting to revive the FA Cup, as well as introduce a League Cup competition, offering GH˘600,000, GH˘450,000 and GH˘350,000 for the various events for the duration it is proposing.

In its bid documents, the company is asking for an exclusive two-year deal for the Glo Premier League, the FA Cup as well as the proposed League Cup.

The bid documents also stressed the fact that it also wanted to acquire the marketing right because that would be more beneficial to the parties involved and help in the efficient management of the rights.

But Optimum Media Prime (OMP), the company that for the past two years has had the right to the deal, has sharply criticised Jakod’s move, describing it as ‘a bad business practice and a non-starter.’

Fadi Fattal, the Chief Executive Officer of OMP reacting to Jakod’s bid told the Graphic Sports that “so far as the Glo Premier League was concerned, OMP has a deal running with the Ghana Football Association so there can’t be any talk on opening new bids so I think for Jakod to have made that move is very wrong,” Mr Fattal told the Graphic Sports.

He said OMP, who have been syndicating with Metro TV, had two deals with the GFA, one on the Glo Premier League which started in the second round of the 2008-2009 season and will end on the 2010-2011 season, and the other exclusively on the Black Stars.

“We sealed a deal for GH˘1.7million for two-and-a-half-years on the Glo Premier League. We have done one-and-a-half years and have paid GH˘900,000.

We still have a year to go on that deal, so it would be unthinkable that someone would want to bid for the same event when the existing contract has not expired.

Besides, who would want to go in for something less than what he already has? Jakod’s proposed figures is no where near what we have offered.

“So far as we are concerned, the GFA has not complained about our dealings, neither have the clubs, so there is no need to consider abrogating the contract. It is the FA Cup that is available.

Perhaps the company trying to bid for the Glo Premier League should rather channel its energy to that and pray that the competition will be resurrected,” Mr Fattal explained.

However, Mr Kweku Osei Korankye Asiedu, the man leading Jakod’s bid, insists his company is going for the Glo League as well as the other events of the GFA.