View Full Version : The movie “Bed of roses” to premiere in the United states this summer

The Informer
28th May 2011, 11:28 AM
There are seven pragmatic definitions of life that would definitely get you thinking. But the most incisive of them all however, is the thought that life is a game……A game in which the first move is not always the best move.

Ella Boateng is married to real estate millionaire Andy Nadab. But when Andy who supposedly is seeing another woman pops up in her face asking for a divorce, she decides that she must first know the woman who has stolen his heart. In that light and with the help of her half Sister Zina, she secures the services of Jason, a young Man good at such odd jobs as trailing people and commissions him to at all cost find out who the “other woman” is. But unknown to her however and even to the best of minds, the other woman is Zina.

What follows is a dare-devil web of plots and counter-plots between both sisters that leave a trail of hate, bitterness, pain and anguish. At the end of it all however we are taught another very important definition of life…..

Life is not a bed of Roses…..

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted of the venue…