View Full Version : Movie title Osama Bin Laden creates scramble

The Informer
28th May 2011, 10:06 AM
Moments after the United States President announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, movie producer here began a frantic scramble to seize the opportunity and create a movie about the incidence. But it wasn’t limited to only American Film producers alone as Ghanaian film producers have also jumped into the fray.

When the phenominum of “Sakawa” a local palance used for referring to internet fraud in Ghana became rife, most of the glamour film producers came out with their ‘Sakawa’ titles: Venus films came out with “Dons of Sakawa”, Socrate Safo did “Sakawa Boys” while others came out with “Agya Koo Sakawa” etc. so it’s evident that they will stop at nothing but to continue the scramble of who succeed in producing and releasing the first movie in the market.

But is movie production just an element of sensationalism or rather an art well depicted to educate and send a message in the crafted piece? Do movie producers take the interest of the viewing audience into consideration when making such decisions since it’s the same audience that ultimately patronizes the movies? Should a quest and eagerness to be the first to complete production and release a movie be the deciding factor, instead of a desire to create a good movie that has richness and true entertainment value? What do you think?

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