View Full Version : The Logical Argument from Evil, is it sound and valid?

Intellectual Pirate
12th August 2010, 12:43 AM
here is the Logical Argument from Evil:

1)Omnibenevolent beings want to eliminate as much unnecessary evil as possible (by definition).
2)Omnipotent, Omniscient beings have the ability to eliminate all unnecessary evil.
3)God is defined as being Omnibenevolent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.
4)Unnecessary evil exists.
5)Therefore, it can be inferred that God does not exist.

There are 2 reasonable objections one could have:
1)Unnecessary evil does not exist, therefore God can (eg. ALL evil is justified).
2)God is not omnibenevolent. (God can be callus and/or unjust)

why these objections don't work:
1)many people will say that ALL evil is justified, even evil that seems unnecessary. They say that the reason bad things happen is because God gave us free will, and to intervene and prevent someone from doing a bad thing would limit this free will.
This objection fails because, while it explains evils such as rape, incest, murder ect..., it does NOT explain natural evils such as earthquakes, AIDS, retardism, ect... so here is my challenge: how can God theoretically be justified for the Haiti earthquake that killed ~500,000 inoccent men, women, and children (some of which could not be moral agents, such as 3yr olds and babies). if you say "God did it for the greater good", this is also a problem, because the argument can be made that God would never HAVE to kill people unjustly to produce ANY outcome, because he is omnipotent. in other words, God could have produced whatever "greater good" that could theoretically come out of the haiti earthquake without having to kill 500,000 people. if you maintain that god could not have produced this greater good any other way, you are saying that he is not omnipotent.(you don't want to do that!) And even if he actually HAD to kill those inoccent people for the greater good, you would still have the problem of showing how he is FAIR in doing so... how is it fair to the people that had to suffocate under rubble for 12 hours and die for OTHER peoples' benefit? (forced sacrifice!)

2)if God is callus, harsh, or unjust, he is not the Christian God to say the least.

Because of this argument, i feel it can be shown, definitively, that the CHRISTIAN god does not exist. Do you agree? Think about it, read the other comments.