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14th May 2011, 08:34 AM
At just 5ft 3 inches tall, Chelsea Charms proudly claims to have the world's biggest breasts which measure up as a staggering 164XXX cup. She calls them Itsy and Bitsy and they earn her thousands of dollars a year as they continue to grow at a rate of one inch a month due to the now-banned surgery she underwent.

Chelsea admitted to Schofe that her chest had got bigger than she planned.She said "I didn't plan on going this big, that just happened on its own. But I wanted to be big when I decided I wanted to be a feature dancer."

Chelsea became a DD after an operation aged 20, then becoming a HH a year later. A year and a half later she had the string implants.

She admitted her giant ----- can make everyday things awkward.
"I sleep on my back or my side. Aeroplane bathrooms are tough - they're very tight. "Eating is a problem because I have to sit so far from my food."

Chelsea says: "My body is my business - some people think I'm a freak, but I wouldn't have it any other way".

Source: Mirror