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Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
11th August 2010, 06:12 PM
In football, some people have made their name for a specific move. It's much like how Asians know the word "Beckham". They won't know that he is a great long passer, a crosser, a captain or anyother. But they do know him as a free kick taker.

This is not about Beckham. But it relates to some signature moves of some footballers in the world which makes them famous regardless of their overall ability. If you doubt just ask "Higuita".

There maybe new things that you haven't seen, but I promise you these are the best at least I have seen. So enjoy and feel free to comment.

Rory Delap-Throw-In

Football is about... foot, not about hands!!! But ask from Stoke City and you'll get a different answer. Rory Delap is the best throw-in taker I have ever seen in my life. As a former school javelin champion, this guy knows how to throw an object. His mastery of long-throws are far better than CR9's free kicks, at least on conversion rate.

His long throws range between 30-40 metres and reaches speeds about 60km/h. He applies huge amount of backspin to the ball when he throws which makes the ball go quite a distance considering its low trajectory.

"I think he puts the ball better with his hands than his foot, it's fantastic. I have never seen anything like this in my life; 10 metres outside midfield, this boy puts the ball inside the area. Maybe it's not beautiful football but it's effective."-Luiz Felipe Scolari


Ricardo Quaresma-Trivela

When Sir Alex Ferguson was searching for a right winger after the departure of David Beckham, the name Ricardo Quaresma was highly mentioned. Ferguson chose Cristiano Ronaldo mostly because he is young so he can adapt to English football better. Quaresma is often compared to C.Ronaldo becuase of their talent, pace and ego. But he differs from the other because of a 7 letter word called "Trivela".

Kicking the ball from the outside of the boot is known as Trivela. It is the reverse of instep curler which sees the right footed kick curls the ball from right to left. This technique is very difficult to control and it can certainly humiliate a player if executed incorrectly. But the Portuguese is a master of it. See it from your own eyes.


Yasuhito Endo: Spot Kicks

Now you may have heard his name after his free kick against Denmark in World Cup, but his spot kicks are even better. A free kick and a spot kick expert, he is mostly overlooked when on international duty becuase of Nakamura. As a Gamba Osaka player, he is the team's first choise penalty taker.

He has even fooled the best in the business like Dutch legend Edvin van der Saar and ever realiable Mark Schwarzer.

His technique is simply,

1 Walk to the ball

2 Don't watch the ball, just watch goalkeeper's eyes

3 Pass the ball to the net

If you think Zidane's penalty was cheaky at WC 2006 final, then watch this...


Juninho: Ranged Free Kicks

Known to the world as Juninho Pernambucano, he is the best sharpshooter of the dead-ball in football history. Though it is a mystery why he wasn't awarded the FIFA Footballer of the Year, it is no mystery that he is the best ranged killer of the game. He was also instrumental as the captain of Lyon who won 8 domestic titles on a row.

His technique known as "knuckleballing", is to kick the ball near the valve so that the ball may wobble, deviate in the air. German's legendery goalkeeper Oliver Kahn was the best prey to his free kicks, which saw him crashing into the goalpost in a match between Munich and Lyon.


Hans Jorg-Butt: Penalty Killer

Many people will choose Chilavert or Rogerio Ceni for goal scoring, Portuguese Ricardo for killing, but when you look the both, Butt is the best. :p

He has scored more than 30 goals from the spot and saved many more. Besides he can get very funny, even better than Joker.


Ronaldinho: Dribbling

Florentino Perez decided not to sign this man because he was not handsome and signed Beckham instead. That is his mistake of the life because this guy was a pure genius. Ronaldinho was unstoppable at his peak because of his intelligence(just to score under the wall) and mostly becuase of his dribbles which would have given Garrincha a run for money.

360s, stepovers, cruyff turns, elasticos, back heels,... I am running out of terms!


Miroslav Klose: Headers

Argualbly the best header in this decade, Polish born Miroslav Klose made a name as a World Cup legend from playing for Germany. He is the joint 2nd highest goalscorer in World Cups with Gerd Mueller just after Ronaldo.

His talent was clearly shown in World Cup 2002 when he headed 5 goals to win the silver boot. Always Germany's main goal scorer, he won the golden boot at 2006 and scored 4 in this year. A classic example of a big match player, he scored more goals for Germany in this World Cup than his last season. He scored the equalizer in 2006 World Cup match against Argentina in a thriller.


Theo Walcott: Pace
Josef Bican might have sprinted 100 metres in 10.8 seconds, but Theo Walcott is his heir. He can cover the whole pitch in 11 seconds. Speed maybe his only skill, but he is the best at it.

Expectations were high when he scored a hat-trick for England, but his last 2 seasons were poor and lost his place in Capello's squad in the World Cup. He may have lost the place in Arsenal's starting lineup but he is a sure starter against sides that have a high defensive line.

Maybe his feet are quicker than his football brain.


11th August 2010, 06:39 PM
Great collection bro. The penalty killer goalkeeper one was really funny..lol

12th August 2010, 07:08 AM
It's sad a player like Quaresma hasn't lived up to his genius billing. I blame Mourinho for stifling his career. Quaresma made me drool during his days at Sporting.I hope he finds his form at Besiktas.