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Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
11th May 2011, 11:45 PM

Socrates Sarfo may soon be in court for releasing what has been described as a Ghanaian pornography movie and his mum is weeping over the matter, according to information reaching NEWS-ONE.

A source from his Movie Africa Production said after Socrates released ‘What Sex Can Do’ onto the market, it was realized that there was a problem with the sound quality on disk B, thus he withdrew the movie from the market for a fresh production.

However, Socrates rather put out the one containing the shaving of pubic hair.

“What happened was that at the last minute, we had to edit that part and cut it out because of the court threat and all that but because we were in a hurry, it affected the sound quality….the complaints started coming so Socrates recalled the tapes and asked the engineer to reproduce fresh ones.

“The guy is not aware the actress has asked us to edit the shaving part so he let it go like that and after the first copies, over 100,000, have being printed and out on the market, someone drew our attention but it was too late,” the source told NEWS-ONE.

NEWS-ONE has gathered that though people are rushing for the movie, Socrates has been dodging lawyers of the actress who are said to be looking for him for an out-of-court settlement and a possible compensation for the actress. He may however be dragged to court if things do not work out well.

Socrates nearly beat up the NEWS-ONE reporter who attempted to interview him over the matter.

“I have no comments. You have done your worse go and write whatever you want. But leave my mother’s name out and I would sue your sorry lazy *** if you publish her photos,” Socrates charged and literally chased the young reporter out of his office.

As it stands now, there are two versions of ‘What Sex Can Do’ on the market and though NEWS-ONE is yet to watch the second one, sources from Socrates office have described it as a near pornography.

The source says Socrates is worried over the development and blames Baby Blanch, the actress whose pubic hair was reportedly shaved.

“He is a very worried man and says if not for the attitude of the actress and her threats on radio, he would have taken his time to do the recording well and avoided all this trouble,” our source disclosed.

Meanwhile, NEWS-ONE has gathered that Socrates’ mum is equally worried about the development and has complained about the constant negative publicity his son generates for himself.

She is reported to have complained to journalists during the Easter festivities at Kwahu in the Eastern Region and accused them of plotting to run down her son.

Socrates topped news headlines when he was reported to have used a shaving stick to graze down the thick pubic hair from the ****** of an actress who played a role in his new movie, ‘What Sex Can Do.’

The actress eventually threatened to sue him if he released the movie without editing that part and reports say the situation got so bad that he stopped sleeping at home.

Though Socrates denied being responsible for the shaving, he has been unable to explain how the said pubic hair got shaved.

Socrates, also known as the ‘Hot Fork Man’, is noted for producing adult-rated movies.

Source: NewsOne

12th May 2011, 02:21 AM
in the first place, i thought Ghana had a committee that checks the movies before they get into the market. And why would a director shave a woman's ****** and the woman too, why would you sit for someone to shave ur ****** on camera and now u want it edited.

12th May 2011, 02:49 AM
SMH.......You sit back & wonder whats going on in the movie industry. People dont take their time to come up with good movies no more. You sit back and let your pussyx be shaved on cam and then you are now complaining.............what kind of stupidity is that......mmttsseeeeeeewwwwww