View Full Version : Oprah Winfrey: I Grew Up Feeling Nobody Loved Me

11th May 2011, 12:08 AM

In the June 2011 issue of O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey shares some of her memories over the 25 years she’s hosted “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

The new issue features two covers as well as a conversation between Winfrey and her editor-at-large Gayle King.Regarding the early years of the show, Oprah shared, “The first few years when the staff was still less than 12 people, I used to hang out with them because we were doing live shows, and we’d be done by 10 a.m.

We had four people in four chairs, and that was it. Those were the days where I’d be the one taking the lunch order. I would walk around asking, ‘Okay, is it gonna be Taco Bell today, or are we doing Wendy’s?’ And then we’d go out and party at night.”

Along the way, Winfrey says she’s received some fabulous keepsakes. “The one thing I’ll take is the statue of Sojourner Truth that Jamie Foxx gave me for my birthday last year…Even in my youth, she was the historical figure I most identified with. Because even though she was born a slave, she was able to speak. She could communicate with people from all different backgrounds.

She could speak to the most disenfranchised groups, and she could also speak to Congress. She was invited to the White House by Lincoln. Jamie didn’t know that I’d been reciting her “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech my whole life, or that when I die, I want to go out like a comet in the sky, which is something she said about her own life. But he gave me that statue, and it will come with me when I go.”

And when she finally says farewell, Oprah will rejoice in the show’s legacy. “I genuinely feel appreciated and loved by this audience that has grown up with me. Which, for me, is a huge, huge, huge accomplishment.

Because I grew up feeling the opposite of that. Feeling a void, as a little girl, feeling that really nobody loved me. So to be surrounded by this, that is what I’m going to feel. And when you see the tears on the last show, that’s what those tears will be about. Those tears will not be about sadness.”
Source: celebrity-gossip.net