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The Informer
7th May 2011, 07:11 PM
I write to respond to the editorial views of the NEWS- ONE Newspaper of friday march 25-27 on the above topic.In earnest am in love with people who puts their thoughts into writing.

However, I hate those who use their little knowlegde acquired through few years of education to put out evil thoughtsand behave to be intelligent than GOD.It must be noted that knowledge was created and distributed by GOD.This is why some people could be classified as intelligent than others.Back to the topic under discussion.Gays do have rights.Due to lack of space and want of time; I can not reproduce all the devillish opinion of that editorial but would attempt to respond to some of the key points it raised..The editorial team of NEWS-ONE a nothing but pornography publication on the newspaper market of Ghana has begun an open war for homosexuals and lesbians contesting for breathing space for them.

Per the editorial ,the number of homosexuals and lesbians are increasing and therefore must be given lincense to operate.The writer(s) supported his /their argument by stating that portions of the 1960 criminal code which talks about unnatural carnal knowledge is not in direct reference to homosexuality and the act therefore cannot be a crime.The editorial probably written by a lesbian or a homosexual or a journalist or group of journalists being sponsored by homosexuals in the paragraph five (5) of the write- up stated that the criminal code of the 1992 constitution does not clearly interpret what homosexuality means,thusmaking it impossible to criminalise the act.

It supported the above by an argument that was shamefully put up by one lawyer Ernest Kofi Abochie and beefed it up with that of Nana Oye Lithur and Anna Bossman of CHRAJ.Ignorantly and funny enough,there is absolutely nothing like the criminal code of 1992 constitution anywhere in Ghana.The criminal code was promulgated in 1960 while the current constitution which is under review was promulgated in 1992.It is also only an ignorant somebody who will argue that homosexuality is not an offence because the criminal code of 1960 did not state,mentioned or used the word homodexuality.The statement unnatural encompasses and engulfs all sexual thoughts and activities that is/are inhuman,wayward or bastard.

For example,the act of having sex with an animal plus the the madness of two same sex homo sapiens trying to have sex.The law is clear and explicit.Lesbianism and homosexuality are criminal offence under the laws of Ghana.Any criminal offence can not be allowed to go scot free.It shall and must be punishable.Do we legalise arm robbery because the number of robbers keep soaring? Do we legalise the importation,exportation and usage of coccaine because many people want to get rich by trading in the commodity? Quoting the said lawyer Abochie of KNUST tells that the writer(s) only wanted to fill space or he was lost because the path he took is and has been so dark that anyone who chooses it can never see clearly nor think wisely.Is only in black africa that people make statements without been rigorously interrogated.This makes anyone wake up from slumber and try to define the direction the continent should go.

I must emphasise that no one's 4-10years of studying the law could make him or her intelligent than GOD.Yes a medic said about 2000 homosexuals are in takoradi andit is believed that they are widespread and so what? It is opinion such as NEWS-ONE's that is swaying feeble minds into such devilish activities.Why not discourage it and find ways to correct them into normalcy than encourage it? The writer(s) I believe has/ have disappointed not only discerning and GOD fearing readers but the lesbians and homosexuals themselves.

They/his argument was only premised on Ghana's laws.But Ghana did not create the world.Ghana does not supply air to the world.It could have been better for the writer(S) to subject him/ themselves to days of reading before treading on such a dangerous mission.Homosexuality is self-destructive practice.Readers must update themselvesby reading ex-gay David MacDonalds testimony on www.gaytestimony.com. Homosexuals are in sex turmoil.Thousands since the world begun never choosed to be but were lured and coerced into it.This is why many commits suicide and use drugs on a higher percentage throughout the world.Homosexuals are susceptible and prone to many diseases particularly the dreadful HIV/AIDS.

I wish the writer in his/her next defence publish these statistics compared to non-homos.A disturbing statement made by the writer in paragraph nine(9) is that there is no yardstick in measuring or determining morality.This is indeed shameful.This is clealy educational dwarfism and intellectually dishonest.This tells that some people only went to school to destroy and not to repair.There are definite yardsticks since the inception of the world to measure or determine morality.The writer's statement is due to dark path he chosen.The path of death.Why does the writer think divine(religion) and man-made laws exist.Please do not expose your ignorance in the mere fight for unacceptable lifestyle.The world of homosexuality and lesbianism is chaotic with high rate of promiscuity.Ask them and you shall have an answer.We must be aware that such a path shall never be endorsed by any religion.Now why did GOD create a man and woman.The basic essence is to procreate.

How can homosexuals procreate? I hear they choose the option of adoption.Who should reproduce for them to adopt.I shall not go deep into the Holy Books(BIBLE,QUORAN ETC) but the story of sodom and gomorrah tells it all.We must not forget that there were other sins too at the time.But GOD wiped lesbians and homosexuals out of the surface of the earth.Can one use two mortars or pestels to produce fufu? Simple physics states that like poles repel while unlike poles attract.Simple and very simple.

It is disgusting and despicable for two men or two women to pretend to be in carnal love.Why don't homosexuals and lesbians make the sun shine from the earth to the sky if they want everything to be inverse.Homosexuality is a psychological disorder which must be corrected.Homosexuals must be saved because they are perishing.For right ,they have none.HOMOSEXUALITY AND LESBIANISM are offence in Ghana and can not be tolerated.Its an abomination to GOD.Homosexuals infiltratting the media to champion their course have already failed.The laws are unambiguous.

Source: Prince Osei Tutu