View Full Version : Big Brother : Michael ‘Proposes’ To Confidence; “I’m Feeling You”

6th May 2011, 10:00 PM
One exciting aspect of the Big Brother Africa reality show is the love relationship that brews up between housemates in the house.

Often, the relationships spices up the show and depending on how intense that relationship turns out to be, the two couples do receive huge attention and coverage in and outside the house.

Notable relationships that left indelible marks in the hearts of Big Brother Africa fans are that of Gaetano and Abby, Mwisho and Meryl and that of Kevin Chuwang Pam and Elizabeth “Lizzy” Gupta.

Although this season’s show is beginning to take shape barely five days into it, Big Brother housemate from Mozambique, Michael, seems to have developed a thing for Ghana’s hot and sexy Confidence.

Confidence who has noticed this affection decided to touch on that topic during a conversation in ‘bed’ in the Big Brother house ThursdayConfidence pushed further to ask if he didn’t say anything to imply he has any affection for her but Michael admitted, stating “I said to you I think you are a very smart woman and I wouldn’t mind…I’m feeling you. Yes it is a proposal.”

As to how many housemates he has said the same thing to, Michael hesitantly replied, “I don’t take what I say to you to go tell somebody else,” prompting Confidence to say, “You so crazy.”

Michael however admitted that he has told some other housemates that he feels them but, “you (Confidence) are such a beautiful [lady]. I think it will be fun going into the shower, have fun…some I have [asked] them are you having a relationship outside…but in all of this I saw many girls seek attention and this is who I am, I give them attention.”

Confidence ‘excitedly’ concluded that, “I have understood that a long time ago.”

If this should go a step further, then this season’s reality show will see another ‘Mwisho and Meryl’ – will it come with a second engagement? We wait to see.


Source: JFM