View Full Version : Azumah Nelson Goes Berserk

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
9th August 2010, 07:41 PM
Azumah Nelson, usually calm and composed, went berserk, describing Napoleon and Asempa FM’s Enoch Kwasi Walanyo as “fools”.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Scoreboard sports programme in Accra on some skirmishes that ensued between him and Napoleon Tagoe at a recent amateur boxing bout at the Prison’s Canteen in Accra, Azumah called Napoleon a “senseless fool” and an uncivilized person he would not want to deal with.

“Tagoe yε kwasia, onnim nyansa, eyaa won a won ani mmuee no, mempεsε me ne won deali,” he said in Twi.

Azumah explained that it is his desire to help some up-and-coming boxers to succeed in life. He said Napoleon Tagoe, however does not want him, Azumah to support these boxers.

One of such boxers he desires to help is amateur boxer Emmanuel Tagoe, however Napoleon Tagoe, Emmanuel’s trainer, rather accuses him, Azumah, of wanting to snatch the boxer away from him.

But Azumah says it was Emmanuel Tagoe’s own manager who went to him and asked him (Azumah) to support Emmanuel Tagoe.

Azumah also visited his anger on Asempa FM’s Scoreboard host, Enoch Kwasi Walanyo, asking the station not to bother him with calls again.

“Next time no me mmpεsε mo be frε me bio. Ono Napoleon makyerε no boxing na ediεn na wayε? Kwasia, nea yaboa no ma wayε, government adiε na ode ayε ne diε.”“Mebo efu ono ne mo nyinaa. Nkwasiafuo.”, to wit; I do not wish you call me again. I taught him, Napoleon, boxing. We helped him to become who he is and now he is boasting of what belongs to the government. I am angry with him and you all. Foolish people.

Story: Kwaku Antwi-Otoo/Asempa FM/Ghana