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4th May 2011, 01:20 AM

Many words have been used to describe Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, but none has been adequate enough to capture the whole essence of this lanky controversial actress. In this interview with nigeriafilms.com, she sheds more light on issues surrounding her personality.

You have not been regular in Nigerian movies, but you seem to be popular here, how come?

Well, itís not like I am not regular there, but I have been doing a lot recently.

People just love you; is it because of what you do, or there is something that attracts them to you?

Well, I have a fan base on facebook and people say I do my roles as if it is real and they appreciate the work I do and thatís why they love me. And at times, it is God. I give God all the credit.

What is it between you and the Ghanaian press; they donít seem to like you, do they?

I donít know, but you canít say they donít seem to like me...

But they write negative things about you and you know a couple of them are my friends.

I donít know. And seriously, I have no idea.

Is it because you are rude to them or you donít relate well with them?

How can you say I am rude to them, I say something to them and they write negative things about me, and they do likewise to other people, so thatís how they write.

But yours is more pronounced than other actresses I know.

I donít know, you are a journalist and you know how people write anything just because they want to sell papers and all that, so I donít really know why they write stuff like that. And if you say anything, they would say she is arrogant and all that and my management always tell me not to trade issues with them. And I guess that is why they would say she is rude and doesnít want to talk to anybody.

How has life been with you?

Great, it is wonderful, and I am telling you it is great.

How is it with you since the beginning of this year?

Good, I have a hairline coming out soon.

You mean hair products?

Yes, and I have my foundation, which I can say is doing very well and I get recommendations from everywhere and the CNN is talking about it too. And in June I would be going for a conference in France concerning the foundation, and aside that, I am doing other charity stuff as well.

How about the story of you being banned for a year?

As you read it on the net, the same way I read it on the Internet too. Nobody has come to give me an official letter or has contacted me to say I have been banned. It started as a rumour and I can tell you that I donít know anything about it. I canít even comment on it.

But they have not been calling you for movies?

I am shocked since I heard the story and you know Ghana is a small place unlike Nigeria, they hardly shoot movies all the time, and it is mainly done in Accra. I have been busy lately travelling up and down for so many things and maybe when they call my phone it does not come through.

So, it is not as if the ban has taken jobs off you?

I am not even aware of any ban because nobody as given me any letter to that effect, and it is not a problem if they donít really call you for jobs, because I have been busy doing other stuffs. It is not as if I have been sitting down at home doing nothing; I have been busy doing other stuffs.

Why didnít you do something about the rumour?

You know I donít want to talk about that, it is not important to me right now. My management is working on it and I just donít want to bother myself over it.

Is there any issue between you and Jackie?

There is no issue between us. It is the press that always wants to bring something that is not there. The last time we saw, we were cool and we had fun together. I donít know where they got the word that Jackie and I have an issue. We are colleagues and it is not as if we call everyday; when you are working, you see each other and you relate with each other. You do your job, there is nothing going on between the two of us.

I have this impression that you donít relate well with your other colleagues, do you?

Who told you so, I am cool with all my colleagues, I donít have issues with anyone of them and I am okay with them all.

Would you say you are happy as a person?

I am very happy as a person because so many things that happen to me now is because of God and anything that happens is for a reason?

Has life been fair to you?

Yes, life has been good to me and whatever you might think, life is fair and I have just finished my degree and it is good; you donít have to allow things to break you.

You went to school as a star?

Yes, I have a degree in Human Resource Management and I would be doing my MBA soon.

When did you finish your degree course?

I graduated last year October.

Is it from the University of Ghana?

No, from a private university in Ghana

Were you treated like a star there?

No, I was just like every other regular student in school and I was treated the same way every other student was treated.

Did you dream of being an actress when you grow up?

No, I wanted to be a singer, not even a singer but a rapper, because I was into Hip Hop.

When did your journey start as an actress?

It started in 2005.

That was when you contested Miss Ghana beauty pageant?


After then, how did you get into acting?

I had a call right after Miss Ghana, and that was how it started,

And you have not looked back since then?

No, I havenít.

Did you experience any malice from people?


What was childhood like?

I grew up like every average Ghanaian child.

Was growing up difficult or was it a bed of roses?

Not at all, everything was okay and I have good memories of growing up.

How old is Yvonne?

I am in my twenties.

Do you take all your roles seriously?


ÖEven if you have to act semi-dressed?

Yes, it is a role, and if it is something I have to do, then, I donít have a problem with that as long as I donít have to go stark **** on screen.

What is the farthest you have gone in a movie?

In Princeís Bride, my back was all bare and you would think I am naked, but I was actually covered in front.

Even your butt?

No, just my back.

If the pay is right and the movie is good, would you act ****?

No, I can never do it. The best I can do is show a bit of skin, but I canít go naked.

But, can you show your -----?

No, I can never show my -----, how can I show my -----?

But itís a movie?

No, I canít show my ----- on set.

Who do you think is better between a Ghanaian man and a Nigerian man?

I would say a Nigerian man, because Nigerian men are nicer and friendlier than Ghanaian men.

ÖAnd more generous?

No, I wouldnít say so, it depends, but ask any Ghanaian woman and she would tell you who is better.

Have you dated a Nigerian man before?

No, I have not, and every time I am in Nigeria it is all work, work.

So, how do you know that Nigerian men are nicer if you have not dated one before?

You donít have to date a man before you know he is caring, you donít have to.

What does love mean to you?

If there were enough love in Africa, we would not be where we are now; there are so many wars, conflicts and so many other negative things going on around us, but if there is love, I guess this would not be happening.

What about romantic love, what does it mean to you?

I am not involved in any right now, so I cannot say much about that now.

How would you define love?

Unconditional, and there is conditional love also, but we should love unconditionally as God loves us.

What is between you and Jim Iyke?

Jim Iyke is my hommie, we are great together and I like him a lot. We are good friends and I appreciate his work.

But it is all over the Internet that you two dated?

No, we did not. You can ask him, and thatís why I told you we are hommieís. We are really cool.

Who is your favourite Nigerian actress?

Genevieve Nnaji, I love her so much.

What does the future hold for Yvonne?

I would always be in the industry, I have a foundation, I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to see my own hairline grow big and I am still going to be here for a long time, Yvonne is not going anywhere.

Are you in a relationship?



Nothing, I have been too busy, thatís all.

Have you had love at first sight?

No, I havenít.

Do you have criteria you look out for in a man?

No, all those things happen naturally and it depends on what you have at the time.

Thank you for your time, itís been great talking to you.

You are welcome.

Source: nigeriafilms.com

4th May 2011, 06:02 AM
i thought there was news that Yvonne was getting married sometime this year. hmm these journa;lists. some are really big liars