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24th April 2011, 12:29 PM
One big issue that hit the camp of Venus films last week when the crew were on set was the fact that one top actress left her clothes together with her panties at the location they went to shoot some of their scenes. After a couple of hours, she decided to call the house owner who is one of Ghana’s top doctor to get her clothes.

The house owner received the call and replied them that he has washed all the clothes that they left behind including their panties. This brought about a huge debate as to whether it is right or wrong for a man to wash a woman’s panties.

Timothy Bentum, one of the actors of Venus films said there is nothing wrong with washing a woman’s panties and that he sees it to be a way of being supportive to wives. He continued in a separate chat that men are being hypocritical and unfair to women. “If your wife can wash your things together with your panties what is wrong with you washing, everything of hers including her panties “he asked.

Timothy Bentum who is married to Gloria Bentum continued that he has a house help so does not have the opportunity to wash his own clothes. But anytime the house help in indisposed and his wife is sick or cannot wash due to some important activities he has to see to it,he will wash her wife’s clothes and panties because her wife washes his always.

He also urged movie stars to be very supportive of their wives in the house since that brings joy and makes them feel that they are dear to their hearts.

Talking about his movie career Timothy said he has featured in about over 12 movies all from the camp of Venus Films but has not made himself available to the movie producers for some years now.

He urged movie fans to expect his very best as he plays his first lead role after a “Reason to Kill” in a new Venus films movie called “Single Six”

As to how he got into this industry, he responded that Majid introduced him to Roger Quartey at the time he had not dreamt of making movies .He Has now realized that anyone who takes movies as a Hobby is not serious, Due to this he is taking his movie Job serious aside running his advertising agency .He also Named Majid as his role model and one of the best actors Ghana has ever produced

Source: nigeriafilms.com

25th April 2011, 12:13 AM
A controversy that I am sure doesn't have an end in sight yet. What I dont get is this.......If a man can go down on a woman and lick her /eat up her pussyx, whats wrong and weird about washing the panties that cover the said pussyx......SMDH

Q' lypse
26th April 2011, 07:52 AM
bloody double standards

26th April 2011, 01:01 PM
bloody double standards

Tell me about it bro...smh

Napoleon Agyei
26th April 2011, 02:06 PM
Whether or not it is OK to wash one's wife's panties, to me, is a matter of philosophy and convenience. As long as the doing or the not-doing of the washing does not generate any abrasions, there is no much need to worry.
Meanwhile, the advocacy for husbands to wash wive's panties will be an exaggerated, artificial debate if we seriously want to examine it within a strict Ghanaian culture. The possibility is not really applicable in the wider Ghanaian context seeing most Ghanaian wives seem to do their pantie-washing in the bath not during laundry time. The economic tensions makes it almost impossible for couples to always have their bath together in which case a husband will find the opportunity to assist in the washing. It is really not a matter of double-standard(ness), but intuitively, neither the husband nor the wife sees the need to transfer the pantie washing task to the husband.
The underlining point to me, wouldn't really be washing of a wife's pantie that matters...that would have been too trivial. What really matters is that husbands should learn to support their wives in whatever capacity possible, making the wife feel celebrated and deeply loved. But given the circumstances, pantie washing wouldn't be a fair case to tell whether a husband is doing well or being hypocritical.

Quophi Aletse
26th April 2011, 04:11 PM
Tell me about it bro...smh

it stems from the arbitrary roles that the patriarchy made regarding men and woman.... roles are very mental ..... mechanical, no life......

if i am doing laundry and my wife or kids clothes are dirty and i was it, there is no problem there to me ....

it becomes a problem when 1 of us is oblige to wash the other's cloth based on some arbitrary deductions ....

let life move, let life be fluid .....