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24th April 2011, 03:12 AM
Stress has roots that run very deep, and the scary thing about them is they can create self-fulfilling behavior. Therefore, if you happen to be chronically stressed, and start feeling badly, things begin to look the same way, and before you know it, those feelings transform into feelings of dread, which make things look even worse.

Stress is therefore a physical response to events that disrupt your balance and make you feel threatened. In order to deal with it effectively, it is necessary to prune the roots. That is, you have to look at the events that are causing you stress, as well as your response of them.

It is almost impossible to live with stress on a long-term basis, as chronic stress can be harmful both physically, and emotionally. Stress becomes chronic when it occurs over an extended period of time. This is usually the case when you experience a number of setbacks, with which you feel unable to cope.

The genesis of stress is therefore the internal pressure that is generated by your contemplating a certain event. If an individual concludes that a particular situation is one they will not be able to cope with, then immediately, pressure builds, and physical symptoms manifest.

This really explains why two persons will experience the same circumstance and one will be stressed, and the other will not. The person who is stressed believes they will not be able to deal with the situation, while the person who responds calmly has every confidence in their ability to cope.

Curing stress must therefore deal with these roots, the occurrence and your evaluation of it. It must involve making adjustments to how you evaluate events, and how you determine your capability to respond well. Curing stress involves making realistic assessments, identifying stress triggers, coming up with solutions, and evaluating your response.

It is necessary to be realistic about the situation, if it is one that is irreversible, and then it must be acknowledged as such. Focus on those things that remain in your life that are valuable. Make the effort to refocus and learn to be hopeful. Instead of being stressed by situations that are only temporary, view them as momentary challenges that need to be overcome, because essentially that is what they are. They are not unique, because they would certainly have happened before, and will happen again to someone else. Whether it is the loss of a job, financial problems, divorce, death, it doesn’t matter, because it is a situation that occurs during the course of life.

You also have to be able to honestly identify the events, places, people and things in your life, which you believe are causing you stress. Then carefully examine them and see how the stress can be minimized. Look for solutions to the stressors that you have identified. Evaluate and adjust your response to the occurrences. Make a determination of how you can realistically deal with it, and see it for what it is, no more and no less.

It is also important to recognize that whatever happens can be dealt with when approached objectively. Appreciate the fact that while the situation may initially appear devastating, you will recover. If necessary, seek help in learning how to build your confidence, so that you do not become overwhelmed when faced with difficulties.

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