View Full Version : Alleged Thief 'Fingered' By Students Needs Psychological Care

23rd April 2011, 01:17 PM
Executive Director of Ark Foundation (a care givers and advocacy group), Angela Dwamena Aboagye is calling for special attention for the lady who was sexually molested by students of the University of Ghana on suspicion of being a criminal.

The victim, Amina Haruna told Joy News that but for the intervention and care by her grandmother, she would have committed suicide.

She feels rejected by society as her fiancÚ has also deserted her and revoked plans to marry her.

She was sexually molested by some students of the Mensah Sarbah Hall annex B who accused her of theft.

Angela Dwamena Aboagye told Joy News Amina needs professional help at this critical time in her life.

She said the victim has shown clear signs of trauma and must be given help.

Even though she is all for the investigation and subsequent prosecution of culprits involved, she noted that mental and psychological health of the victim must first be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile university authorities have announced the start of a hearing aimed at finding and punishing those who abused Amina.

The Registrar of the University Mr. J.M. Budu dismissed assertions that the university had delayed in taking punitive action against the perpetrators of the crime.

He said the fact finding committee has submitted its report to the Disciplinary Committee who in turn will begin disciplinary proceedings sooner than later.

Source: Myjoyonline.com