View Full Version : Mallam Uproots Juju Pot At Ashalley Botwe

22nd April 2011, 05:11 PM
Sheikh NaKambo Osman Sani, an Islamic spiritualist, yesterday, held a number of journalists spellbound when, in his bid to stop the rampant deaths in the Ashalley Botwe suburb of Accra, he unearthed weird materials from the ground.

He ordered the digging of a portion of the ground near the St. Peter’s School in the area, revealing a pot containing live crabs

The action was preceded by a brief moment of incantations by the spiritualist and when the ground was dug, two pots-full of crabs were taken out.

After ordering the man who dug the ground to pour out the contents of the pots, he proceeded to kill the crabs to end, according to him, the increased rate of death in the suburb. Four lives have been lost within a year in the suburb, the cause of which, according to him, was spiritual.

“There have been premature deaths in the area in the last few months, causing fear among the populace in the area.

“Four people have died mysteriously, and after a trip into the spiritual realms, I discovered the spirit behind it, hence this exercise.

“Personally, I hear the sound of people sweeping, clapping and doors banging deep in the nights, but you don’t see anybody physically,” Sheikh Nacambo said.

According to Sheikh, “Now that I have contended with them, there is wailing and mourning in the spirit world. These are destinies of innocent people which have been hidden in the pots. The blood you see from the crabs are blood of people witches have drunk.”

He advised prospective land owners to seek spiritual guidance before buying pieces of plots to build, saying, “You don’t just build after buying a piece of land, you need a man of God to pray over the land before you start building. I am the fourth person to live in this house. The first three people died mysteriously, and so nobody wanted this house, but since I am not afraid of them, I moved in at a much reduced cost because everybody was afraid to live here.”

Sheikh Nacambo pointed out that he had discovered another habitat of a demon in the area, and he was ‘warming up’ to combat it.

Source: d-Guide