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Fashion Yaa
21st April 2011, 06:06 AM
source:The Atl Post

I came accross this article that got me thinking about my own hoopla about royalty in Ghana. And it occured to me that lil girls growing up in Ghana don't necessarily dream of becoming a princess someday, why is that? Could it be because we don't have our own version of the UK Tudor (King George) who self declared a church in order to make it possible for him to marry anyone he wants and even divorce anyone he wants and also make it possible for female offspring to be ruler of the land.

Sometimes I wonder did Egyptians ever keep track of the Pharoah bloodline, like are there present day descedants to Neferttiti, Cleopatra, Ramses, and what they hey though it hardly possible cause he died a teenager how about offspring of King Tutankahman?

anyway here is a link to the article on royals of Africa, I would like to note that they did not include Kingdom of Buganda whose king is quite popular in east Africa, Haile Selasie's descendants are known to be around, it does not even include legitimate west African royal hmph. Anyway this article is a start 9Africans who Define Royalty (http://atlantapost.com/2011/04/19/9-africans-who-define-royalty-wealth-and-power/)