View Full Version : "God Is Angry With Archbishop Duncan Williams & Bishop Obinim"

20th April 2011, 05:23 PM
The News-One newspaper has received reports that God, the Christian God of Heaven, is angry with a number of pastors and prophets in Ghana and has therefore sent a chicken with four legs to warn some Christian leaders.

A 37-year-old artisan and owner of a poultry farm, John Kofi Dalie, says he has been sent by God to deliver a warning message to Archbishop Duncan Williams; leader of the Action Faith Chapel, Bishop Daniel Obinim; leader of God’s Way International Ministries and some other pastors, but persons close to the above-named pastors have prevented him from delivering the message.

A serious-looking and passionate-sounding John Dalie said when God sent him to the pastors, he lacked the courage to go, thus he prayed that if the message was indeed from God, there should be a sign to encourage him.

He said not long after the prayer, one of his hens hatched a chick that had four legs and he is sure this mysterious bird is a sign from God to encourage him to deliver the message.

Throwing light on the message God gave him to deliver to pastors and prophets, Mr. Dalie said in December last year, he had a dream and realized he was walking from his wood workshop to his house – about seventy metres away from the workshop. He noted that all of a sudden, the path on which he was treading became pretty white as though coated with a whitish substance.

He continued, “Whilst pondering over the path, a very huge but closed gate appeared in front of me, and I was banging on it; pleading with whoever was behind the gate to open it for me to enter.

“There and then a window also appeared close to the gate, and through the window, I saw a pretty huge and sparkling scepter leaned on the wall. The entire scene marveled me but before I could ask what exactly was happening, I heard a thunder-some voice that asked me to lie prostrate for Him to tell me what to do.

“Instantly, I lied prostrate and the voice went on to say ‘I am Jesus Christ the saviour of mankind, and I am sending you to pastors and prophets who display their pictures on large billboards, and thus gaining glory for themselves. These people are wining souls to believe in them but not in me! Therefore, they don’t have any good reward whatsoever with me. Tell them – if they are looking for rewards from me after all, then they must display my image instead of theirs’. It was at this juncture that I jolted and woke up.

“I endeavoured to relay the message to some renowned preachers of the gospel such as Archbishop Duncan Williams of Christian Action Faith Ministry, Prophet Daniel Obinim – Tema and Winners Chapel – Tema, but I was not allowed to see them with my message. That notwithstanding, the head-pastor in charge of Tema Joint-church, on hearing the message, said this is from the Lord,” Mr. Dalie narrated.

Bishop Obinin As to what the picture of Jesus Christ looks like, John Dalie said he could not tell because he was not looking at the direction of the voice that came to him. He added that he presumed the popular artistic impression and painting that has been used as that of Christ Jesus could be the one meant by the voice.

The Four Legged Chicken
What has been described by some as ‘wonder-bird’ and others ‘miraculous-bird’ was recently hatched in Tema Community 8. News about this poultry bird with four legs attracted all manner of people to the carpentry workshop of John Kofi Dalie, where the poultry bird is being kept.

Strangely enough however, the four-legged chicken, out of twelve hatched, was strong and moving freely, though its movements was a miraculous display to watch. According to Mr. Dalie, 37, he has been keeping poultry birds since his childhood but had never experienced this revelation before, not even from someone else’s poultry farm.
He was however quick to add: “Well, I’d never kept machine incubated fowls – chemically induced birds before, therefore, I cannot tell as to whether it happens in other peoples’ farm, anyway I mean the large-scale poultry farms. All my birds are local fowls.”

Source: News one