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20th April 2011, 12:51 AM
“They stripped me off my clothes, took pictures of my nudity, and took all my belongings including my passport and money. They also asked me to bring $7,000 before they give me back the passport and belongings….”

These were the words of 26-year-old Joselito Tingson, a Philippines national, who was robbed by three men in Accra on Saturday April 16, 2011. The police however managed to arrest one of the suspects while the two, with the help of residents, managed to escape arrest.

Michael Gamely, 23, was arrested, but Anane and Alex are wanted by the police. According to the victim, he became friends with one of the suspects by name Alex by chatting with him on the internet through yahoo messenger for about two months.

He said when he arrived in Ghana from Togo on an invitation from his boss, one Mohammed Awal, to take over the Ghana branch of their Information Communication Technology Company, he informed his ‘friend’ Alex about his arrival.

He said the agreement between the two was that they meet for once before he finally joins his boss at Kokomlemle.

“When I arrived, Alex picked me up at Max Mart Shopping Mall near the 37 Military Hospital that Saturday around 4pm before we moved to Alex’s house at Christian Village.” The victim said while in the room with Alex, two gentlemen popped in, gave them some slaps and ordered them to strip naked while they took photographs of their naked bodies.

Joselito Tingson said the suspects later took all his belongings including a laptop computer, two mobile phones, his passport, and his wallet containing monies including GH¢200, $400 and 12,000 Naira and some of his bags containing his clothes. “They also asked me to bring an amount of $7000 before they will give back my items including the passport.”

He said a report was lodged with the police in the early hours of Sunday. Confirming the story, the Accra Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Frank Adufati, indicated that the police received the information on Sunday around 4am.

“Our investigation revealed that Alex plotted with the two to rob the victim so that they share the booty.” He said the modus operandi of the police led to the arrest of the suspects but Alex and Anane escaped with the help of some residents.

Superintendent Adufati maintained that inventory taken so far included a mobile phone, his clothing, the laptop, GH¢25 together with $6 and 8,385 naira .

He said after robbing the victim, Alex kept the items in his custody and asked the two to come later for the items to be shared. “Michael Gamely would be arraigned before court soon while we continue to fish out Alex and Anane.”

Source: D-G

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
20th April 2011, 01:48 AM
What a shame. The culprits must be severely punish.

® Lady √ Macbeth ©
20th April 2011, 04:30 AM
Look at how some people can deceive you online. Two months cannot be enough time to get to know a stranger. Two months of communicating on Yahoo IM is not adequate time to build a mutual friendship, and then again the man (Alex) is nothing but an underdog seeking to rob the man from the inception. We never know who are behind these machines pretending to be all friendly and nice when in reality they are criminals waiting to be identified by the justice system. One must take measures to ensure his/her safety when dealing with online persons we’d never seen before. One never knows the malicious reasons and motives of these users who try to impress you with their bogus friendliness.

I am very sorry about this man who was not only robbed of his material belongings but of his dignity as well. I hope he has learnt his lesson to not allow fictitious friends too close to where they can hurt him ever again. These criminals are online now trying to seek their next victims. The chat rooms, forums, dating sites, and other cyber medium are where a lot of these pretentious people are.

Thank goodness you are alive and not killed.

Thanks for posting this, Neo.

20th April 2011, 01:05 PM
For some reason, I don't feel sympathy for those who meet people online within a short space of time and end up trusting so much to the point of traveling to meet them.

Not singling out this particular issue, there are so many instances when people end up being swindled out of large sums of money.

I believe should be wiser in their judgment and decisions.