View Full Version : HIV Rates Abound In 50+ Peoples

The Informer
14th April 2011, 10:56 PM
Itís been suggested in a new report that peoples who are 50+ abound in HIV infection and prevalence rates. This report has been concluded by scientists working with World Health Organization (WHO).

These findings were published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization this week. It states that elder peoples seem to be ignored by research and check as they are not considered to be at risk. Also the data about the number of people of 50+ ages that are infected with HIV is insufficient and little. As, this age group is rarely included in researches.

Anyhow, whatever data is available, suggests occurrence and prevalence of HIV in older people is elevating. The authors are using the available data to evoke awareness amongst others. It is also mentioned by the authors that industrialized countries are no better in data collection of older people.

They used data of UNIAIDS of HIV cases country wise. With the help of this data, it was found HIV prevalence in 50+ was 25 to 33% of that among people 15 to 49 years of age.

Records from Africa show peak HIV incidence appearance in most of the regions in the older people. The reason told by the authors is that little is known about old peopleís sexual activeness. Though evidences point towards their activities in this regards.

Erectile dysfunction is specially named to consider its administration in HIV positive peoples. Older people as per the data don not however practice sex as much the younger ones, which can be a vital reason of HIV presence more in elders.