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13th April 2011, 08:18 PM
‘Home Sweet Home’ actor Fred Johnson has denied rumours that he is having problems with his fiancée over his recent role with actress Helen Asante in a new movie titled ‘Love for Rent’.

Fred and Helen played lovers at point in the movie and had some interesting lovemaking and deep kissing scenes together in the movie which is scheduled to grace the big screens from April 23 at Gama Films Executive Theatre.

NEWS-ONE source said Johnson’s fiancée, Hillary Amoah, a former student of the University of Ghana, is fuming about some of the kissing scenes her man did with Helen and has since been threatening to end her relationship with Johnson.

However, Johnson downplayed the rumour, saying his fiancée is comfortable with his role in the movie.

“The funny thing is when she first saw the promo and the kissing thing came up, she looked at me and clapped and said wow that was good,” he added in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.

According to him, his fiancée understands whatever he does with respect to his job and besides, he does not endorse dating somebody in the same profession as he is.

“She understands that I love her. She understands what I do. She is comfortable with my role in ‘Love for Rent’.”

The new movie, directed and produced by new entrant Mensavie-Ayivor Caleb Lucky, is based on Troy Bailey-directed ‘Love Doesn’t Cost A Thing’ (2003) starring Nick Cannon, which was the remake of 1987’s ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, starring Patrick Dempsey. It tells the story of Rent (Fred Johnson) struggling to make a breakthrough in the music scene but his only obstacle was the attacks of the reigning artiste, Ice (Eddie Watson) whose manageress, Love (Helen Asante) he needs to achieve his aim.

After several confrontations, Rent gets an opportunity to meet Love and he seeks one thing, she should pretend to be his friend for some months to make him popular. There the intrigue begins as Love’s artiste and lover, Ice swears to track Rent down. How a fake friendship turned into ‘Love for Rent’ is for movie enthusiasts to find out on April 23 when it would be premiered.

Other cast includes Salma Mumim, Paulina Oduro, and a number of other rising actors.

Fred Johnson is a Liberian but grew up in the United State. His parents took him to the States when he was two years old. He came to Ghana 7 years ago and landed an acting career.

“Acting wasn’t on the agenda. You know what I mean; I am more of a music person. I thought I will be more of a musician,” he said.

His stint with Ghana’s movie industry dates back to his appearance in TV-series ‘Home Sweet Home.’

After, he had a role in ‘Run Baby Run’, which won several laurels including those at the African Movie Academy Awards and the Pan African Film Festival. Subsequently, he featured other movies including ‘Friday Night’, ‘Gyapadie’, ‘Love For Rent’ and others yet to be released.

“The movie industry is far better than what it used to be. I can say that was why I wasn’t too eager to enter into acting from the beginning. It wasn’t glamorous and appetizing but now it is getting better,” he said about the movie industry.

Source: D-G

14th April 2011, 04:17 AM
SMH........I think if you cant handle all the shenanigans that come with the territory, dont go into it. If you cant stand seeing your man or woman in such scenes, dont date from that industry..........hmmmm