View Full Version : Ivorian Refugees In Ghana Angry

13th April 2011, 06:26 AM
Police in the Western Region Tuesday morning used tear gas to disperse irate Ivorian refugees at the Ampain camp in the Western Region.

Some of the refugees, said to be angry at the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo, vented their anger on some journalists including a TV3 crew, which went there to take shots of the Ivorians who had been agitating for and against the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo. Kwaku Owusu-Peprah of Radio Maxx in Takoradi told Joy News the refugees were not happy that their permission had not been sought before the TV crew started filming their discussions.

He said uneasy calm has returned now to the camp with the Ivorians keeping their feelings to the happenings in their country to themselves. A leader at the camp, said the people have been barred from doing politics in the camp. That, he said is to ensure there is harmony in there.

Forces loyal to Alassane Ouatarra Monday captured Mr Gbagbo a week after he holed himself up in a bunker in the presidential palace.

Reports say gunshots have been in Abidjan and looting is still going on. This is in spite of appeals to the citizens by Mr Outarra for calm.

Related to this, a group calling itself the Coalition of Africans Against Foreign Intervention (CAAFI) has staged a street protest in Accra to express their displeasure against the presence of foreign troops in Libya and Ivory Coast.

The demonstration follows the capture yesterday of former Ivorian leader, Laurent Gbagbo, allegedly with the support of French troops.

One of the leaders of the demonstration, Mr Kwesi Pratt said the group was vehemently opposed to foreign intervention in any country on the continent. “We are sending a signal to the world, that the African people will resist any attempt to re-colonise them again. We want the world to know that Babylon is coming down and Babylon will [prevail],” he told the demonstrators.

Mr Pratt, who is also the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, vowed that “African patriots, Pan-Africanists, Nkrumaists and progressive forces and the forces of Socialism will continue the resistance against neo-colonialism.”

“We will resist their economic interference; we will resist their attempt to impose their culture on us; we will resist their military intervention; the struggle is not ending today, this struggle will carry on until finally, we defeat the forces of neocolonialism,” the outspoken critic of western values preached.

Source: Joy News