View Full Version : Randy Abbey Disagrees-Kessben Sale,FA Failure

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
7th August 2010, 08:16 PM
Randy Abbey, the former CEO of now- defunct Kessben F/C, believes that the reason for the sale of the premiership side is more of an ownership decision than one brought on by financial loss.

According to him, for the three seasons that he had been with the club, Kessben F/C had had a healthy balance sheet and, therefore, it could not be absolutely right to say that the club was being run at a loss.

“If you take out the stadium which everyone knows is capital-intensive and a long-term investement, the club raked in some money from player transfers and league sponsorship.

“ I can say that we made a surplus rather than a loss,” Randy Abbey, who is also a spokesman for the FA, told the Graphic Sports yesterday.

Randy, who did not want to respond to the accusation by veteran football administrator, Jonathan Abbey Pobee, that he did virtually nothing to justify his position in the defunct club said, for purposes of record, that Pobee had no locus to determine what went on in Kessben or to judge his competence.

He said he could not be drawn into or be responsible for how much came into the team adding that the owner, Kwabena Kesse, was no longer interested in putting his money into football which he said was not yielding the desired results.

On the accusation that “If you have a whole spokesman of the FA as the Executive Chairman of a club and yet he fails to live up to expectation, you begin to think about what is happening in the FA where he is the spokesman”, Randy wondered the correlation between the two.

“What I do at the FA is an entirely different issue from what I do at Kessben,” Randy stressed.