View Full Version : America Used Kotoka To Destroy Ghana

3rd April 2011, 08:25 PM
Let me start off by saying that I hate traitors. The word hate might seem inappropriate! Perhaps, too strong and violent. I know! However, I used it in caution. Personally, I find traitors quite despicable. I truly do!

Hence, my usage of the word, albeit distasteful. I hope that y’all understand! To me, traitors are worthy of one thing. Death! They don’t deserve to be honored by the living! Unless the living are traitors themselves. Most of us remember the late Kotoka as the man who orchestrated the 1966 coup d’état. The coup d’état, which brought Nkrumah’s progressive government to a halt, of course! Kotoka and his band of traitors weren’t alone! America cannot be left un-blamed. She too had a hand in it. In fact, Barack Obama should’ve got down on his knees and apologize to Ghanaians, when he came to visit. America, the-oil-thieving-imperialist, did Ghana wrong. This is the truth of the matter. It remains undisputed!

A country honors its heroes and she-roes by naming its institutions after them. Its heroes and she-roes who contributed significantly to the country. Men and women who deserve to be remembered for their good deeds. Civil contributors whose actions are worth emulating! The late sergeant Kotoka does fall under these aforementioned categories! Please, let’s be clear on this! He was a saboteur! In fact, had it not been for his actions, Ghana wouldn’t have been in this mess. Yes, Ghana had her challenges! We all know it.

It’s not a secret! The economy wasn’t doing too good. But then, cocoa, which was Ghana’s major source of income, wasn’t bringing in the goods. On the world market, the price of cocoa was being manipulated behind closed doors. It was deliberately set on a free fall. This action was set in motion to bankrupt Ghana’s economy! Sure enough, it didn’t fail. It accomplished its mission. Ghana has been struggling ever since! Thanks, of course, to America.

Now, the question is; how well was Kotoka informed? Did he or didn’t he know the powers involved? Well, I am sure that he knew. He knew all along! He must have known! There’s no doubt in my mind about it. He was a CIA agent in an army clothing. He was on their payroll. So, whilst the powers that be were paralysing Ghana’s economy, Kotoka supported them fully. Dear reader, if this doesn’t amount to betrayal, then I don’t know! As a sergeant, Kotoka should’ve remained faithful.

At least, to his country. After all, he pledged his allegiance. Sadly, he didn’t keep the pledge. He sided with our enemies to bring down this country. He was used by America! Today, Ghana is in misery because of Kotoka. Just think about the many coups d’état, which this country went through. And, what good did these various coups d’état do? What prosperity did they bring if any?

No, I don’t believe that Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka deserves anything. He doesn’t deserve to be honored by the living or the dead. By no means was he a hero, nor his action heroic! What he did to Ghana cannot be forgiven, nor is it worth emulating! He betrayed this country and its people! So, why should our international airport bear the name of this traitor? Is he worth it? No, I don’t so! I am sure that all civilized people would agree. A name change should be in order by all means necessary. All true patriots should make this a demand! Kotoka’s name should be stripped aground so that the spirit of Ghana could truly take flight and soar. I believe it’s about time! Unless Ghana is a country--which honors her traitors. As for America, her day of reckoning is at hand. Her crimes will not go unpunished forever! She will pay for them someday. May we all live to see that day come!

Welcome 2 the New age of consciousness!

Source: The Emperor