View Full Version : Schoolgirl,12, gives birth on school trip

30th March 2011, 06:35 PM
A 12-year-old Dutch schoolgirl who gave birth during a school trip has been placed into foster care. The unnamed girl from Groningen was out with classmates last Tuesday when she felt violent stomach pains. An alarmed teacher called an ambulance and when emergency services arrived they realised she was about to give birth.
Neither the girl nor her family realised she was pregnant, and she showed no signs of carrying a baby.
She has refused to name the father.
Dutch social services told news agency ANP the girl “may be in an unsafe environment” at home and have asked police to begin a formal investigation.
They said: “It is not clear if the adults in this story have played a role. That is why we have asked the police to look into the adults.”
Dutch paper the Telegraaf reports that the girl's father has a conviction for abusing an older sister.
The schoolgirl, along with her baby, are said to be “doing well” in hospital.

30th March 2011, 06:54 PM
Waooo....there is this show on TV I watch....."I never knew I was pregnant" and it always intrigues me....... Perfect case of one.