View Full Version : Beauty Contest For Female Prisoners In Brazil

29th March 2011, 01:37 PM
It's the no holds barred beauty contest where the winner certainly won't be going on a global tour to promote world peace. Because these women were competing in the first pageant for women serving prison sentences in Brazil's Pernambuco state.

The Miss Jail contest was won by Rebecca Rhaysa Suelen Guedesin, 19, who is serving life for murder in Recife Prison. She said: "It was a real thrill to be cheered by the inmates and the guards. Sadly the dress has to go now and it's back to prison routine."

The final - held in the officers' club at the local military police headquarters - saw each of the 12 contestants judged for beauty, general knowledge and their good behaviour record as an inmate.

Ms Guedesin added: "I have an appeal coming up soon. I never killed anyone so I hope to return to normal life one day soon.

"It's flattering that people think I am pretty. But I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. I am just focused on getting out of here."
Her first place gives her a chance to take special career training - and 400 to go in her prison bank account to buy luxuries.

Runners up Ark D'Juana from Lima came second with a 300 prize and fellow inmate Inabel Priscila dos Prazeres was third with 150.

The event was organized by Brazil's Ministry of Social Development and Human Rights as a way of reintegrating convicts with society. "Prison life can be very grey and lacking any kind of excitement. This gives the women something to work for and puts something special onto their lives," explained one official.
Source: web.orange.co.uk