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Fashion Yaa
27th March 2011, 03:19 AM
http://www.nathanielturner.com/images/New_Folder2/samgreenlee2.jpghttp://www.nathanielturner.com/images/New_Folder2/samgreenlee.jpg If you have not noticed by now, it is evident that I am a huge fan of sleuthing type novels. By all means this Sam Greenlee classic had me tongue-tied. I have also had the pleasure of meeting him when he came to speak to a audience at uni UCLA some years back and found him to be cool. He was about 80plus years old at the time but showed no signs of slowing down, I remember he said something along the lines of "I've made my mark in this world, funded, written, directed my own film through "guerilla filmmaking"."

First came the book, then the independent film using the same title. The book is filled with all the meat the film could not showcase. Essentially its about a man that learns all there is to know in the governmental organization he works for, climbing the ladder from copy clerk to secret service agent. When he takes a leave of absence, he uses those skills to transform his community. In a real grassroots kind of way he molds and shapes all the rif raf of his community to mobilize other rif raf accross the united states to change their lives, help themselves and the rest you will have to read the book to see where the story goes.

I like to think Sam Greenlee wrote this book to inspire communities that are down trodden, nations that have become comfortable with aide and parents who have no parenting skills. Its a true treasure. :cool: Grab a copy now or google the movie;)