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24th March 2011, 03:03 PM
These days it is becoming a routine occurrence to pick the dailies and find headlines such as “Safe abortion procedures in Africa”; “Africa’s youths speak on unsafe abortions” etc. Writer after writer clamour for what they refer to as “safe abortion.”

Although in medical terms a miscarriage is considered an abortion, the term “abortion” in this discussion does not refer to a miscarriage by which there is a spontaneous loss of an unborn baby.

The term “abortion” refers to the situation where a woman either herself or with the help of another deliberately interrupts the development of an unborn baby in her womb, causing the premature death of that unborn baby.

In such articles, writer after writer bemoan what they consider to be unsafe abortion procedures in Africa in general and Ghana in particular. The call then is for safe abortion procedures to be made available to women.

The phrase “safe abortion” is an oxymoron, since these two words used together have opposite meanings! They cannot, and I repeat, cannot be used side by side. The word “Safe” according to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary means (i) “not in danger or likely to be harmed”; (ii) “not dangerous or likely to cause harm”; (iii) “not harmed or damaged”; (iv)”describes things which do not involve any risk”.

Abortion is described in that same dictionary as, “The intentional ending of a pregnancy, usually by a medical operation”. To abort is: (i) “To cause something to stop or fail before it begins or it is complete”; (ii) “To stop the development of a baby that has not been born, usually by having a medical operation”. There is only one way to stop the development of an unborn baby and that is to kill him or her. Where is the safety? It is clear; abortion can never be safe for the unborn baby.

During an abortion grave damage and harm are done, and a life is taken. A successful abortion demands that an unborn baby must die. This is the truth of the matter. Abortion has but one sole purpose and that is to take the life of the unborn baby.

It boggles the mind why this innocent life is so readily and easily considered dispensable. Those pushing for the so-called safe abortion conveniently dismiss the worth of the unborn baby and his or her human status.

The unborn baby is a developing human being. Like the unborn baby, a new born baby is a developing human being. Likewise the teenager is also a developing human being. Maybe we should find a safe and convenient way of killing off newborn babies or the teenager who is giving us headaches! That would be a preposterous suggestion, wouldn’t it?

Why then should it be easier to permanently stop the heartbeat of the unborn with impunity? When a baby is born, he or she is totally and completely dependent on the mother. So also that same child when in the womb is absolutely dependent on the mother. In the womb there is no escape and the baby is at the woman’s mercy. Is that why these voiceless and defenseless ones can be killed at will?

Someone may wonder what all the fuss is about since in their thinking an abortion is after all just the expulsion of clots of blood.
Let the reader note these incredible facts. These selected facts briefly highlight some of the landmark moments of an unborn baby’s first four months of life, the period during which abortions are typically carried out.

• In the first month, eyes are developing; foundation is laid for brain, by the 24th day the heart beats regularly, arm and leg buds appear; muscles are forming.

• In the second month brain waves are recorded; lungs are forming; muscles are working together; reflexes are present; baby begins to move; skeleton, ears and earlobes are formed. Eyelids will be forming at this time and fingers and toes will be defined. The baby’s permanent fingerprints are formed and the baby is able to respond to touch. The sex is identifiable. All the five major areas of the adult brain are present.

• In the third month, not only can the unborn baby suck the thumb but can hear, and can hiccup. The fingers of this baby are capable of grasping an object. At this stage the growth of both the lungs and the brain of this baby are almost done. When it comes to movement, the unborn baby is very vigorous.

• By the fourth month in a given day the heart of the unborn baby is pumping six gallons of blood. The baby can hear outside noise.

Consider the wonder of the following facts also: all of one’s physical characteristics had already been determined at conception. At no time does the unborn share the mother’s circulatory system and after the second month all the unborn baby needs is time to develop, a right that abortion denies the unborn baby.

Abortion is never safe for the unborn baby neither is it safe for the woman. There is no 100 per cent guarantee of a risk free surgical procedure. If abortion is so safe why is there a recognised medical condition known as Post Abortion Trauma (PAT) or sometimes referred to as Post Abortion Syndrome?

This is the condition where after an abortion some women go through deep depression, mental stress, anger, shame and guilt. These conditions can sometimes be evident five years after the act. They are traumatic enough to warrant medical or psychiatric intervention.

A research study published in the journal BMC Medicine attests to this.
The report reveals that the dangers of abortion are even greater for the teenager. In the research report of the Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change, it was found that the teens “had higher incidences of anti social trait, paranoia, drug abuse, psychotic delusions, nightmares, and post-abortion suicide attempts.”

In my ministry around the country to educate others concerning abortion and the sanctity of life, I have come across many women, some with grey hair, who have shared with me their post abortion experiences. They spoke about their flashbacks, their tortured dreams, their anger, and their midnight cold sweat experiences etc. It is rather interesting that those promoting abortion do not tell about these post abortion experiences. One wonders why?

From the Christian moral perspective while there is so much that can be said, suffice it to say the following. According to the Word of God in Lev. 17:11 “…the life of a creature is in the blood,” and it is this blood that sustains life. Thus, shedding of blood is death. Since the blood contains life, God deems blood as sacred.

For that reason and the fact that God had created man in His own image He warns in Gen. 9:5-6 that anyone who sheds the blood of another would have to account for that blood. Blood speaks, and as God tells Cain after he had killed his brother Abel, “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground” (Gen. 4:10b).

We are told in Prov. 6:16 that “There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him…” One of those “things “are “hands that shed innocent blood”, (Prov.6:17c) and “feet that are quick to rush into evil” (Prov.6:18b). Finally, Numbers 35:33 warns “Do not pollute the land where you are. Bloodshed pollutes the land”. Psalm 139:14 celebrates the fact that each person is “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Abortion disregards this statement.

What makes anyone believe he/she can enter into that sacred place called the womb where God is working, and can snuff out a life that He has spent eternity bringing about and go scot free? We dig our own graves when we think we know more than God our creator Himself. Funny, isn’t it, considering that we cannot even guarantee our next breath.

Finally, the fact that other countries are encouraging and providing what they deem safe abortion does not mean we, here in Ghana should follow suit. Rather than talk “safe abortion” let’s encourage abstinence and in other cases find ways to help pregnant teens.

For the teen and any fellow woman reading this article who has had an abortion and had never turned to God to ask for forgiveness, I recommend they turn to God. You may ask why? The answer is because one would have to give account for the shed blood of the unborn.

Life is a gift, it is precious. For those who are vigorously pushing for abortion in the country and who purport to care about the welfare of women in general and adolescent girls in particular I ask, “Who do you think you are fooling?” Not me or a host of others like me in the country. And certainly not GOD. “Pay day” always comes.

Source: Daily Graphic/Ghana dora_bortey@yahoo.com