View Full Version : Ghana’s ace midfielder Michael Essien, Apologizes to Dad

21st March 2011, 06:42 PM
Michael Essien, Ghana’s ace midfielder, has finally smoked the peace pipe with his embittered dad, James Essien, who had earlier complained he had been abandoned and neglected by his son.
James, a frail, old unhealthy pauper, has confirmed that Michael has apologized to him and that they have settled their differences.

The old man said Michael called him on phone and that they had a lengthy conversation, during which they settled their differences.
“My own son Michael Kwabena Amponsah Essien phoned me yesterday and we spoke at length…There was a misunderstanding between us but I want the world to know that we have solved this issue as father and son…I am very happy that my son took the bold step to call me for us to solve this problem.

All the problems have been solved. May God bless him...I will never go to the radio station again or newspapers to talk about Michael in derogatory terms again,” James Essien told Asempa FM.
This apparently brings an end to the long-standing feud between father and son. It was a bitter feud that annoyed the old man to the extent that he asked Micheal to drop the surname ‘Essien’: a subtle way of disowning the billionaire footballer son.
James even promised to drag Michael to court to ensure the latter really dropped the name ‘Essien.’
The misunderstanding between dad and son also witnessed a lot of accusations and counter accusations, with James alleging that it was Michal’s mum who had asked the boy to abandon him.

Though Michael, in the heat of the dispute, issued a press statement to deny the accusations of neglect, a visit by NEWS-ONE to the village residence of James revealed that he was living a poverty-stricken life so miserable that even paupers called him poor.
NEWS-ONE, during the said visit, asked James if he had any word for his son, and he replied: “Oh I want to see him. We should live as father and son.
It is not that I am interested in burdening him with my problems. I was taking care of myself before Michael was born and since then, I still take care of myself.

Look I was born on 28th September 1932 so I am not a small boy and there is very little I still expect from this life. But Michael is my son, my blood, the one that makes me proud all over the world and I must at least be made to feel like a father but not a stranger to him.
I would want him to know I still love him as my child and follow his career and all his games. In fact, there are things I want to tell him as a father, things I want to tell him in person.”