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18th March 2011, 08:49 PM
When the global melt-down happened in 2007 sending food and fuel prices dramatically through the roof, governments across the globe were forced by conditions prevailing at the time, to come up with what was commonly known as “stimulus package”.

This package was largely adopted by the rich nations whose economies, inspite of the shocks, could still cough out trillions of dollars to prop-up their distressed business conglomerates. And within a period of just one year, most of these businesses rescued through those packages started making profits and therefore could take care of their indebtedness.

Those of us in Africa were equally hit by the crisis but because our economies, since the departure of the colonialists, have not been handled in any sensible manner to enable us be on our feet, there was absolutely no way we could have come up with the kind of stimulus packages dished out to companies in the developed nations by their governments. What most African governments could offer their people was a measure of reprieve to mitigate the harsh effects of the crisis.

And I guess if that crisis had happened today, the upheavals currently sweeping across the Arab world would have been a complete child’s play.

In Ghana, we were not only confronted with the problem of high food prices. The Akosombo dam also decided to go on an annual leave after its construction. So, after wandering around to look for something to fill the stomach, one will then go home to spend uncomfortable nights of heat and wheezy, easy and buzzing noise of male anopheles mosquitos.

Effectively, having struggled for cramps to fill the emaciated stomach, one was also deprived of a natural phenomenon called sleep.

Now, when this was going on and the government was doing all that it could to ameliorate the suffering of the citizenry, the NDC, completely blinded by insipid lust for political power, were all over the place and shouting themselves hoarse as to why Kufuor had led the nation into an economic abyss. Every step the government took at the time to cushion Ghanaians against the effects of the crisis was described as useless.

In the end, Kufuor decided to come up with a package to directly benefit the people. This was when he announced price cuts on some commodities and tax exemptions on some imported food items.

Now, when that step was taken by the government, those who never saw anything good about the 8-year rule of the NPP, went into full swing and described the measure as useless and that it was going to enrich those nations where imports were going to come from. They also said only the cabal within the corridors of power who were into the import business were going to benefit.

The pseudo-socialists in our midst criticized the move on the grounds that the cost of those tax rebates could have rather been used to acquire large tracts of land, buy bullocks, distributed them to our peasant farmers and within a twinkle of the eye, Ghana would be in a position to supply the entire population of China with food.

Meanwhile, those making that argument were the very same people shouting about the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian as a result of the biting global recession.

I remember Kofi Adda, the energy minister at the time, always coming under heavy doses of insults from the followers of the NDC and their legion of ‘nkwan deewa’ apologists. Baba ‘jihad’ Jamal, who is today castigating teachers for demanding what is rightfully due them, used to sit in the studios of radio stations, particularly Peace FM, and demanded on behalf of the ‘suffering’ masses, to be given “light whether Akosombo is dry or not”. He would go ahead and scream that “we don’t care about the water level in the Akosombo Dam, all we need is light”.

And to make matters worse, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby (Tarzan) inadvertently provided these champaign-socialist agitators with a deadly propaganda weapon when he described emergency containerized power-plants brought in by the government to augment our power generation, as “toy machines”.

And as expected, Tarzan became an instant hero of the NDC and their apologists. He became the single most valuable source of reference in all their propaganda against the government whenever there was an argument about the power crisis. In the end, Kofi Adda became a sacrificial lamb for appeasement of heavy waves of tsunami emanating from the wicked propaganda arsenal of the NDC.

In the case of Tarzan, his “toy machine” pronouncement was exploited to the fullest and later branded as a common thief as regards issues of the Ghana@50 celebrations, by these very same pseudo-socialists.

Now, in a discussion on Peace FM about some measures we, as citizens, could take at the time in order to mitigate the effects of high cost of food prices as a result of astronomical rise in cost of food imports, Asamoah Boateng suggested that we seem to have “developed” very high “taste for foreign goods” and that it would be “cost-saving” to try and “consume some more local food products like ‘kokonte’ which is extremely delicious and nutritious”.

However, the NDC used a harmless issue of ‘kokonte-eating’ to demonize the NPP in 2008. As a matter of fact, they sought to portray to Ghanaians that ‘kokonte’, which has been a delicacy of Ghanaians of all ethnic backgrounds since the days of the legendary Don Diego d’Azambuja, that it is a meal meant solely for ‘ehiafo’ (paupers). They said Kufuor had destroyed Ghana through bad governance and his appointees were prescribing for the impoverished citizenry, the appropriate meal for paupers.

And I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Asamoah Boateng still regrets for making that rather sensible suggestion. This is because, that pronouncement was, as usual, successfully given a devilish twist by the NDC to the extent where most Ghanaians, misleadingly, became offended.

Again, I Personally have no doubt in my mind that the NPP lost some appreciable number of votes in the 2008 elections as a result of that rather good, but NDC’s wickedly-twisted, advise by Asamoah Boateng.

And when I set my eyes on the front page picture of the 11th March, 2011 edition of the Daily Guide newspaper, I could not help but “pray for the souls” (apologies to president Rawlings) of these juvenile-delinquent deputy ministers and their colleague anomalous appointees at the presidency.

These people, having demonized Asomaoh Boateng over his ‘kokonte’ consumption plea to Ghanaians, were having in front of them, huge ‘apotoyowas’ filled to the brim with this very same envious Ghanaian delicacy, busily gulping gigantic lumps down their ‘better-Ghana-agenda-throats’, washing it down with cans of an assortment of soft-drinks and intermittently having romantic conversations on GH¢2000 apiece official black-berry mobile-phones.

Indeed, it is such occurrences that always make you understand the level of God’s patience and the intercessory power of the blood-shed on mount Calvary by our Lord, saviour and one and only son of God, Jesus Christ. It is my belief that if this shameless act of palpable hypocrisy had happened in those biblical days, these juvenile-delinquents would have been instantaneously struck down from above, the very moment the first ball of ‘kokonte’ passed through their appetite-laden and social-democratic oesophagus.

Incontrovertibly, these are people motivated purely by personal voracity. They are therefore bereft of personal decency, integrity and sense of ignominy. Their consciences have become captive within the walls of their voracious stomachs.

These NDC people spoke against property ownership, but today, they are practicing property ‘grabbing-ship’. They spoke against ‘kokonte’ consumption, but today, they are bathing with it. They spoke against presidential convoys, but today, they are using presidential ‘flock-voys’. They spoke against police’s manhandling of ‘wahala’ demonstrators, but today, they are praising the police for dropping tomahawk cruise-missiles on teachers whose salaries are already suffering from acute spinal-spondylosis.

After what these people did to Asamoah Boateng, they have now come to the point of realization that ‘kokonte’, after-all, is not a poor man’s food but rather a great Ghanaian delicacy. And this certainly gives credence to an axiom I have personally created to fittingly depict the true character of the NDC, which is: “whenever you hear the NDC shouting the loudest against a particular issue, just be calm, put the said issue under an electron-microscope, examine it with a critical eye and you will clearly find their finger-prints boldly embossed on it”.

Source: Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.co