View Full Version : Bloody Boy Regains Senses

18th March 2011, 08:45 PM
The frenzied 17-year-old Nigerien nail-cutter who turned a section of Kasoa upside down when he chased people at random and inflicted deep cuts on them, has told Police he cannot recollect what really happened on the fateful day.

Speaking to the Kasoa Police, soon after regaining consciousness, the deranged migrant teenager asked the security agents why they were keeping him and demanded to be released to go home.

When the police told him that he had inflicted injuries on some people with two cutlasses that he was brandishing, he quickly denied it.

The police are still holding him as investigations into the bloody incident continue. The suspect is one of many Nigeriens who flock Ghana when the farming season is over in the drought-prone West African country. They are noticeable by the noise they make with their cutting instruments when they walk around town, seeking customers.

At the onset of the rainy season, they return home to undertake farming. Mohammed Aminu, last Tuesday, after an interaction with a khebab seller, suddenly went hysterical and started chasing people with two machetes he was clutching and inflicted cuts on them, some very deep and bloody, requiring specialist attention.

By the time he was overpowered and handed over to the police, four persons- Osmanu Haruna, Nina Akibu, Seidu Neil and Dawdu Vinor- had sustained deep cuts and were rushed to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and Winneba Hospital in the Central Region.

When Daily Guide visited the house where he and other Nigeriens plying the same vocation lived yesterday, one of his colleagues narrated that the suspect was behaving unusually and saying that his time was up to die, but before he goes, he would go with others.

“We decided to contribute towards repatriating him to our home-country but this could not be carried through until the incident,” he said, adding he was also found to be smoking excessively. “He smoked about two packets of cigarettes on that day,” he added.

Daily Guide learnt that he was restrained using a rope while in his frenzied and deranged state, and would have been lynched but for the intervention of good-spirited persons around.

The suspect is nursing his wounds following the injuries he suffered at the hands of angry neighbours and passersby.

Source: Daily Guide