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The Informer
18th March 2011, 08:25 AM

Russell Edem Avornyo, member of the popular 4X4 hiplife threesome, who goes by the name Abortion, has given notice that he no longer wishes to be called by the name he has carried for the past eight years. “Call me Coded”, the suave singer said on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review programme last Saturday.

Coded, whose other two mates are Captain Planet and Fresh Prince, emphasised his determination about his name change when Showbiz met up with him last Monday at Osu. “I got the name Abortion way back when I used to perform at Funworld and Kiddafest. Someone in the audience just called me Abortion and I thought it was a cool name to adopt”, he said. A few years down the line, however, the name Abortion is no longer attractive to the World Trade Centre singer.

“The name Abortion has come with its own troubles”, he told Showbiz. “I had a very bad experience on one occasion when I was thrown out of a lady friend’s house because of the name. Again some people think I am loud and all but I am a very quiet and reserved person so I intend to use Coded instead of Abortion from now on.”

He said that a good number of influential people had also asked him to do away with the name Abortion because it did not fit his rather cool personality. He may not have heeded the advice immediately but the time has come for him to bury the name Abortion for good and settle on Coded. “We are just about to launch into another phase of our career as 4X4 and release our latest album, Waist and Power so I want to use the opportunity to redefine myself,” he said.

Source: Graphic showbiz

19th March 2011, 12:30 AM
Hmmmm....I always wondered why he used that name "Abortion", based on the meaning that first comes in mind once you hear it, but change is good and so hopefully I am sure "Coded" will catch on soon.