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17th March 2011, 01:45 PM
James Kwaku Badu Essien, father of midfield ace Michael Essein, says his decision to drag his son to court to drop the name ‘Essien’ remains unchanged despite the intervention of some religious leaders.

A trip by Daily Guide Sports to his Odobeng base revealed that the player’s father is dejected as a result of his son’s failure to put bread on his table for a year.

Mr. James Badu Essien has, as a result, threatened to bring legal action against the Blues star, to stop him from using the name ‘Essien’ as his surname because of the player’s recent behaviour.
‘Today is exactly a year since I had this sore on my right foot, and had it not been the help of Mr. Kyeremeh (owner of Berekum Chelsea) I would have died or my leg would have been amputated.

“Mr. Kyermeh has been there for me from the day I was struck by this sore on my leg till today. Michael (Essien) has turned his back on me for the past one year, and I believe the mother is the reason for his recent behaviour,” he added.

Reacting to what might have accounted for the gap between him and the son, he stated: “Aba Tikido, the mother, is the cause; she has been ill-advising Michael. She has even gone to the extent of destroying all pictures I have with Michael.”

Responding to why he was not making demands for his upkeep on his other children, he noted: “Michael (Essien) is my last born. He is my beloved child, and the only one of my many children who took after me. I mean he is the only one who plays football as I did in the ‘50s.
“I started with Swedru All Blacks as a defender, playing the libero’s role. Later, I became a utility player and my efforts attracted the management of Hearts of Oak to engage me in 1955,” he added.

Mr. Essien, who turns 79 this September, pointed out that he feels very bad when he hears that Essien has built him a story building and bought him a car for his private use. “This car is currently not functioning, and he sends me no money for its maintenance. I want to repair it and send it to his mother at her Gbawe residence. I will not use it any longer. “This refrigerator and TV set you see here were given to me by Mr. Keremeh, God will bless that man. He remits some allowances to me through a friend every month. He is now my new son. As for Michael, I want him to drop my name, which he has used on all his documents,” said Mr. Essien.

In his response to rumours that he shirked his responsibility as a father as regards the player’s upbringing, he revealed: “It is not true. I took care of him till secondary level. In fact, I started his secondary education admission process. I talked to some friends at Swedru Secondary for his admission, on my return, I had a car accident. “Later, I was informed he has gained admission at St Augustine. I was even in contact with his housemaster, Mr. Bentum. You see, because he was on scholarship, I did not have to pay for his fees,” he said in plain words.

Mr. Essien however noted that Michael’s elder sister, Adjoa Yeboah, pays him regular visits at his Odobeng base. Daily Guide used the occasion to donate some items and an undisclosed amount of money to Mr. Essien. The items included a pack of T-roll, a carton of Carnation milk, a park of brown sugar, a box of decaffeinated tea and toiletries.

Mr. Essien thanked Daily Guide for the gesture saying, “Tell your boss, I am grateful, God bless her.” Earlier, Daily Guide Sports made a stopover at house of the player’s elder sister Gladys, at Awutu Breku.

She narrated the turbulent times she, and her other siblings including Michael, had to go through in the early stages of their lives. “We had no one to call a family member, when times were rough. Now everybody is saying what he likes. I had wanted to go on air to clarify the negativity about the whole issue, but my mum has advised that I keep mute,” Gladys said.

Source: Daily Guide

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
17th March 2011, 02:13 PM
The news paper hawkers must be seeing a spike in sales. Why don't they form a dead beat dads association and make James Essien a chairman. Nonsense !

17th March 2011, 04:19 PM
The news paper hawkers must be seeing a spike in sales. Why don't they form a dead beat dads association and make James Essien a chairman. Nonsense !

hahahahhaaa Pope slow down before you pull something because of this ;)

17th March 2011, 04:23 PM
The man is enjoying the attention and the limelight which this issue has brought him. He has been craving for some of the attention his son has and so I guess this is an avenue for him to get his share of it........lol

SMH........you wonder if this man can really be called a father when all he is doing doesn't indicate his love for his son but depicting him as an opportunist.

All this mess he is creating is to paint his son as a bad person............asem oooo......some father's we've got.......SMH

Fashion Yaa
22nd March 2011, 08:35 PM
super funny on that note this song will be the theme for the Michael Essiens Amongst us that

its Everclear's FATHER OF MINE
The news paper hawkers must be seeing a spike in sales. Why don't they form a dead beat dads association and make James Essien a chairman. Nonsense !


Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
22nd March 2011, 08:50 PM
If i could i would have sent this song to James Essien

Q' lypse
23rd March 2011, 08:09 AM
but they've resolved their issues... whats going on here

Fashion Yaa
23rd March 2011, 11:01 AM