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16th March 2011, 09:14 PM
A dish of konkonte and groundnut soup or palm-nut soup, enhanced with the aroma of goat meat and a complement of an alcoholic beverage after the meal, is not a bad lunch on a sunny day, especially after a long drive on the highway.

When Stan Dogbe and his colleague government staffers treated themselves to the sumptuous lunch somewhere in the Eastern Region, there was no denying the fact that the image was worthy of a place on the front page.

The guys under review might not be celebrities in the real sense of the word, but their cacophonous propaganda on the airwaves, although irritating most of the time, has earned for them a certain degree of notoriety on the political landscape.

In fact, it was this reality which informed our publication of Stan and his colleagues’ picture, as they did their own thing away from the hustle and bustle of office in Accra.

Propaganda, especially when it is done in support of a distressed government, can be Herculean and almost impossible.

It is like drawing water from stone, and so when the opportunity comes, players in this sector of government, fatigued as they are, take time off their deceptive operations to indulge themselves a little in a gambol.

According to the journalism rules of Stan Dogbe, the man who is yet to cleanse himself of the filth of the multimillion cedi hamper, pictures of the ilk of the one used should not merit such a treatment. Our news judgment, by his rules, is warped and suggestive of our below the average standards.

The lad, who has not done any serious practice after obtaining a diploma from the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 1999, sounds as though he is out to teach some journalism lessons to pupils in his backyard school.

We spit at the effrontery and hubris of the lad and advise him to watch his tongue when he goes on air, lest we bring out the contents of his stinking closet.

Life is good for the young man who is constantly covered by the might of the Castle, even after the hamper crash which could have ordinarily claimed the life of any other person without the advantage of a godfather. Without mimicking the Christian scriptures, we state that he is covered by the might of President Mills.

Even after the humiliation of not having his name included in the list of so-called presidential staffers, an amendment was quickly effected to rectify what was presented as an anomaly, courtesy of the fiat of the President. After all, the President can do everything except to turn a woman into a man and vice versa.

Why would a dunce claim mastery of a profession in which his experience is all but limited to organizing abrasive propaganda and packaging questionable hampers for PR purposes for government.

Kokonte politics is a complex web of propaganda, with the ultimate objective of acquiring the good things of life and savouring them without looking back, and its mastery by Stan and his ilk is not in question.

Source: d-guide