View Full Version : Police Inspector Dumps ‘Paralyzed Lady’ After Knocking Her Down

16th March 2011, 01:14 PM
The family of a 26 year old lady, who nearly got killed when an off-duty police officer knocked her down, is crying for justice.

Faith Narh has alleged police complicity in handling the case. She told Citi News the unfortunate incident occurred on February 20, 2011, as she was crossing a road.

“I was coming from church in the evening around 8:30-9:00pm. So I boarded a car from Kaneshie with one of my friends and on reaching Bubuashie Junction, the driver went to a filing station directly opposite a Bus Stop to top of his fuel so I had to get down and cross the road. On reaching the middle part of the road, I saw this car with headlight coming at full speed so I decided to cross quickly but before I knew it, I had been hit into the air and banged on the floor. For some few minutes I felt dizzy but I regained stability and saw people rushing to the scene. I was then placed in the car but my younger brother jumped into the car to go with me”.

According to Ms. Narh, at this point, the driver and another man in the car were hostile towards her and showed no remorse for their actions as they requested to know what kind of injuries she had sustained.

She said in her attempt to plead with the men to take her to the Cocoa Clinic or Holy Trinity Hospital which were nearer for first aid, the men got angry and asked her to get down from the car, if she was not ready to go to the Police Hospital with them.

According to Ms. Narh, she was scared to go with the men who sounded so rude and smelled of alcohol. She said she was assisted by her brother and some passersby out of the car and went to the Cocoa Clinic but was asked to go to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where they could get X-ray machines.

She said the X-ray test revealed that she had multiple fractures in her right shoulder, arm and knees.

Faith Narh, who is now in a ‘POP’ and almost partially paralysed has told Citi News her efforts to get justice is being frustrated since a complaint lodged at the Kaneshie police station appears not to be receiving the needed attention.

The Police Officer who knocked her down never showed up to visit her and did not report himself to the police.

The mother of the victim, Salomey Adu Amoah has told Citi News her daughter can hardly do anything on her own and now uses a wheelchair.

“She feels pains a lot and can hardly sleep at night. Anything she has to do, we have to raise her up because a part of her body is inactive. It’s been so pathetic and the whole family is sad. I have had to leave my job and my grandmother has to come from the village to help me take care of her because I normally can’t carry her alone. We have spent a lot of money in buying drugs and other things. We have been asked to come back to Korle-Bu on 31st March where they will remove the ‘POP’ and take another X-ray to see how the development is going for them to decide whether there must be an operation or not”.

Mrs. Adu Amoah, who is not so hopeful about her daughter getting justice, lamented how stressful it was to get the police to invite the suspect.

According to her, after lodging the complaint, officers at the Kaneshie Police MTTU asked them to furnish them with every detail of the suspect and also locate his whereabouts, and ensure that he was available for arrest anytime the police was ready.

Mrs. Amoah said at this point, they were frustrated and threw their hands in despair. She said the police finally escorted them to the suspect’s house but met his absence.

But the suspect, Richard Adjei Dzorkpe, who is an Inspector at the Police Hospital later reported to the Kaneshie Police MTTU after he had been invited. Corporal Peter Nartey of the Kaneshie Police MTTU told Citi News the suspect reported on Saturday March 12. He said he was granted bail after his statement taken and his vehicle impounded, whiles investigations continue to perhaps press charges against him.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Lawyer, Nana Oye Lithur says the posture of the police is unacceptable.

“The Inspector has just exhibited impunity and callousness. How can you knock somebody and fail to report yourself? This is gross negligence on the part of the police officer. And my issue has to do with the reluctance of the police to see this as an urgent matter for which they should prosecute. I am asking the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau (PIPS) to intervene and address this matter because if you have a corporal investigating an Inspector of Police, there will obviously be challenges for him” she said.

Source: Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie/Citifmonline.com