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The Informer
15th March 2011, 01:41 PM
Jon Germain’s dream of going international seems to have been temporarily dashed as EMI RECORDS shuts down.

Jon who was signed to the multimillion record label EMI RECORDS LOS ANGELES, which houses the likes of Elton John, Janet Jackson and a host of others was shut down last month leaving all the artist on the label to no contracts and hence no label.

EMI Records and Enclave Records were the two labels terminated. Ken Berry, chief of EMI Music International and Virgin Records, called the move "the final step in the reorganization of its North American recorded music operation," according to Variety.

Jon who received a huge endorsement from lead vocalist of Cold Play, Chris Martin would suffer a great loss as his “THIS IS WHO I AM” album which was scheduled to be re recorded in March this year wouldn’t come into reality.

The question then is as EMI crumbles what happens to Jon’s dreams of going international? Many have expressed worry over the situation and hope that other avenues open for the pop rock singer.

Source: Quame Junior

16th March 2011, 01:41 PM
If he's that good some other label will grab him. All is not lost.